Sunday, July 4, 2010

Alex's Fourth Letter from the MTC

Hey Everyone!!

Well I am very upset. One, I have yet to tell you guys that at least 4 days now our subs have not shown up. Our regular teachers had to leave town. One his dad is in surgery and the other is now engaged and was meeting the girls family. Not all in a row but 4 days we have gone without teachers so it is really frustrating and two we have not had a single normal week so it is impossible to get into a rhythm you know? The 1st week it was our 1st week so that is always crazy and then you are going to meetings and they are telling you how the mtc works and all that jazz. Second week we had all the apostles here and what not, not saying it was bad it was amazing, but it changed the schedule of everything. Now this week is mission conference and the schedule is all changed for that so I have yet to have two weeks be the same schedule. And to just add on to everything my favorite teacher the one I wrote about last week is getting promoted to be over all the Spanish teachers or something like that and is no longer going to be my teacher. Apparently I am not the only one who likes him. So I am really sad about that. Also we met our new teacher Brother Pepper and he is the exact opposite of Brother Penallio so we will see how that works. I am a little worried so pray for me. The biggest problem with all the schedule stuff and not having teachers and everything is that in the 16-17 days I have been here we have had only 4 Spanish lessons. Basically all the Spanish I have been talking and all that is all self taught. So ya I am praying hard for Spanish. But it is fine I know with faith and the power of prayer and spirit I will be able to learn it even if no one is teaching me haha. So I am not that worried about it. Well maybe just a little bit but its fine haha.

I have yet to get fat. So far I have only gained 2 pounds since I have been here which really means I have yet to really gain anything.

Apparently the church is creating some Mormon facebook or profile thing and the website goes like like July 5th or 6th and they want all the missionaries to make one so I think I will do that one of these days. We had some devotional and the Mormon public relations guy was talking to us and he showed us some video clips and it looked pretty cool. There was some powerful stuff in there. If you could send this next part to Alycia for me that would be cool she wrote me the other day.

Ok I am back mom. So ya I am doing great. I am just working as hard as I can even with all these changes and no teachers. I am learning alot so no worries. I love this church and this gospel and I am doing all I can to do my best. We had a devotional the other day and near the end she showed a clip of the 68' Olympics and the marathon runner from Africa who was injured in the middle of it and how he finished the race even though it was 4 hours after everyone else and he said "my country didn't send me 5000 miles to quit. They sent me to finish the race." Well I kind of turned that around and I say "you guys didn't send me to Chile just to start my mission and not do the best I can. You sent me to do work and do it to the best of my abilities." So that is what I am doing. I am working my tail off so I can become the best missionary I can. I love you guys and I will talk to you next week. Love Elder Leavitt

P.S. I was wondering if it would be possible to send me some basketball shoes. I never brought any and I am just using my volleyball ones haha.

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