Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Alex's Ninth Letter from the MTC

Hey Everyone!!

It is way awesome to hear from everyone and hear that everyone is doing good. Just to start off answering all the different questions that have been asked, Mom I have two short sleeve vests. I can't believe Blue went missing how long has she been gone? I had a quick question about dad and HI-Z and what not, will you be able to get like a raise or anything from the contract that you signed or what? This here if you could send to Alycia and Brandon that would be cool.

Hey Alycia!
Thanks for the letter it made me laugh. I am sorry to hear about Trevor and his back how did it happen? All I heard was he cannon balled and hurt it. I am very happy I was able to get out of the blue house before it started falling apart haha. About your dream I think that is funny because I remember us always talking about how we would be in the MTC at the same time and everything haha. That would have been pretty cool if we would have done that. OK funny story about people in the MTC. So there is a sister in my zone named Hermana Weber. Well apparently her and her boyfriend broke up like a couple months before she came into the MTC. Well guess who just got here last week and they saw each other. Her ex-boyfriend! It was so awkward and soo hilarious at the same time haha! There is another elder in my district from California and we sing California girls all the time haha and it makes me think of you because we would just always sing in the car and what not but ya. So thanks for the letters and I cant wait to hear from you again. (Alex & Alycia sang in the car with the music full blast all the time - dancing and singing. I always knew when they were home because I could hear them coming down the street! Alycia refers to Alex as a human "iPod")

love your Favorite Missionary,
Elder Leavitt

Hey Brandon!!
Thanks for the letter it was amazing. I am definitely working my hardest with my companion no worries. We are always taught to pray for the ability to see people the way Christ would, and believe me I am praying for that every time I pray. He is very difficult to get along with at times. But hey I love him and I am doing my best so that's all that matters. I am trying to work hard and portray myself in a manner that people would hopefully see I am doing my best. I have been asked by my teachers and branch presidency members to help the other elders in our district open up and what not and it means a lot to me to hear that so I know I am possibly doing the stuff I need to do. Ok so I want to hear about how your internship is going and what not. What have you been up to how are you kidlets? I hear Hayley is somewhat starting to walk now. Utah is soooo Hot! Estoy muy muy calor. We go on our little temple walks on Sundays and I feel like dying every single time, so I am wondering how you are holding up. OK well thanks for the letter I love everyone one you send and I cant wait to hear from you again.

Love your bigger younger brother,
Elder Leavitt

Well hey mom! So my week has been going great. I am guessing you want to know how my TRC went. Well lets just say I have been praying everyday for my tongue to be loosed and that I would just be able to get my message across and that they would be able to understand at least most of what I was trying to say. It was an amazing and such a humbling experience I had on Monday. So we go in there and we have the cutest pair of grandparents from Mexico City haha. They told us all about their four kids and their six grand children it was soo cool. Of course all of this was in Spanish. It is amazing how God Answers prayers because I know with the knowledge of Spanish I have I would have never been able to communicate with them. I said everything that I wanted to say and I wasn't perfect. They corrected my Spanish a good number of times but the fact they knew what I was trying to say and that they were even able to correct me was an amazing blessing. Afterwards they were so surprised it was our first time teaching in complete Spanish. They said they felt the spirit so strong as we taught them and bore testimony in Spanish. It is such a testimony booster for me knowing our heavenly father is looking out for us. It was just so cool teaching in Spanish. Don't get me wrong I still have an amazingly far way to go but it is just awesome being able to literally see myself progress the way I am. Well I will write a more in depth letter and Thursday and I will tell you more about my week and what not but I was responding to Alycia and Brandon today. OK I will talk to you later and I love you all soo much!


Elder Alexander Leavitt

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