Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Alex's Eleventh Letter from the MTC

So this past week has been amazingly fun haha. There were alot of little things that happened so hopefully I can remember most of them and share them with you. Well first thing I remember is that my district last week was studying out in like this little common area in my building. We had been studying for a little while and Elder braddy fell asleep. We let him get into a deep sleep to the point where he was twitching a little from his dreams and what not haha. Well then I grabbed a nice bag of goldfish and started filling his mouth. The entire time I was putting fish in his mouth a teacher was standing right next to me watching me doing it. I finished and he looks at me and gives me a silent clap and mouth "Bravo" haha it was funny. Tons of people walked by saw this guy with goldfish in his mouth and laughed. Finally some girl laughed so loud in front of him it woke him up. He was pretty upset haha.

Saturday me and elder nielson had an amazing TEC. It was so spiritual and so powerful it was awesome! We learned how to really focus our lessons around the atonement and how to make them more personal to the investigator. On Sunday me and elder nielson had to teach sunday school. We were given the topic of the plan of salvation and it was so good. A member of our branch presidency was there and his wife and afterwards she came up to us and told us that she has never in her life heard it explained like that and it made complete sense and said it was an amazing lesson. The lesson really was awesome it was so spiritually packed and I don't really know how to explain it. Also brother willis from the branch presidency pulled us aside told us it was probably one of the best lessons he has ever sat in on here in the MTC and that is really was just amazing. He went on to say that if that is an example of how we can teach together we will work miracles in the field. It was just an amazing compliment. He went on to say to say that spiritually he says we are some of the strongest missionaries here and that he is not just saying that. He probably was but hey haha. It was just really cool to hear.

Ok now monday, holy smokes I got destroyed in the TRC on monday. We had a grandmother from Honduras as our investigator. She doesn't speak a word of english slurs her words amazingly bad and I think she was using a different dialect of spanish than what I am being taught because she used different words for stuff. I honestly could not understand a single word she was saying it was terrible. It was the worst lesson I have taught since being here in the MTC. I honestly can say I do not know enough spanish haha. But the only comfort I have is that Hermano Rosales who is from Mexico says he cant understand half of what she says either haha. And now today is Tuesday. I am writing you right now and when I finish I am going to the temple! It opened up yesterday so I am very excited.

Ok and now I will respond to your questions and what not. Oh by the way I am starting to see so many people I went to school with or knew up at the U. It has been really neat cause I felt like I have known nobody here haha. But hey that is way sweet about Jamie's Boyfriend being baptized! He seemed like a really cool guy the couple times I was able to meet him and if he does decide to go on a mission I know he would love it. Also the converts I feel are sometimes the strongest missionaries here because they have gone through the whole repentance and conversion process, and also they share some of the strongest testimonies I have heard. They just know without a doubt what they are talking about is true. It is really cool to hear them talk about it.

That is so weird Elder Ellis knows Hermana Murray! I love that girl haha. She is awesome! Yes I have been flashed the 33's but its basically if you even talk to a hermana you get flashed 33's so no biggy. But she and some other sisters in our zone are going to the Oakland temple mission Spanish speaking. They are also called as singing missionaries as well so that is cool. I did get a package from a barb Bennett. I was wondering who it was haha. I will have to keep an eye out for a Bachynski though. But there is a kid from Calgary in my zone, an elder Nielson, the guy is so tall its ridiculous haha. That is cool Bowman comes in. I will look for him. I am excited my buddy Parker comes in tomorrow. I hope I get to see him. I love that guy. I cant believe Courtney is getting married that is insane! That is kinda funny about Sydney but not really haha.

Well I am running out of time so ya. So I have really been getting into studying certain subjects in the book of mormon. And not to long ago I have studyed up on forgiveness. It was really interesting to study. It really made realize how important it is and how difficult it can be. I honestly really have never held to many grudges in my life. I really easily forget things and let things just slide off my back. But there have really only been two times in my life where I have held a grudge against certain people and like bad ones. But then I read in genesis where god commanded moses to forgive someone. And it says that moses started weeping. He was crying because of how hard it was for him to forgive them. It really hit me and made me realize that even a prophet can have a hard time doing it. Well later on I decided to kneel down and forgive those two people for what they have done. I literally felt a burden being lifted off me. I am so much happier now. It truly was an amazing experience. Well I have 20 secs left hopefully this sends. I love you!

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