Thursday, July 22, 2010

Alex's Tenth Letter from the MTC

I still cannot get over how lucky we are to have two emails a week from Alex while he is in the MTC. It still surprises me when I see that extra letter every Thursday. Even Brandon said today that he just can't wrap his head around it. Although, they didn't even have email access when he was in there! We feel very blessed.

Hey Everyone!

It is way to weird for me to think of Sarah going to college and what not. And ya I would assume you would be pretty stoked for your last Grad Night, your last Act and SAT, last time to apply for colleges and last High School Graduation haha. Sarah made the day of those two elders by the way haha soo funny. Temple walks by the way is every Sunday the missionaries at their set times get to walk to the temple and just chill and sit around the temple for a couple hours. It is really nice and would be even nicer if it wasn't like 100 degrees every Sunday. It is soo funny to see there be at least 2 or 3 girls just sitting around trying to talk to the missionaries hahaha. One of our branch presidency members before we went for the first time said look out for the barracudas (totally spelt that wrong). We were all confused and he went on to say they are the girls sitting around trying to get us haha. The temple re-opens like this week or the next so I will be able to go a couple times. Also guess who I saw yesterday? Brad Stapley! I saw him and gave him a hug so it was pretty cool. I love how dad has spent years trying to get that electric bike thing to work and now he is finally finishing it haha. If you could give this to Sarah after she gets back from girls camp that would be sweet.

Hey Sarah!!

So just in case you wanted to know you made the day of those elders who wrote you. They both come up to me and were like look Sarah wrote us back!! It was funny, also I think one more guy is gonna send you a letter haha. And the other two are totally writing you back. Thank you so much for all the letter and post cards. I have gotten so much from you I didn't even know how to begin writing you back so here I am. The MTC is awesome Spanish is coming along slowly but it is coming. I am glad to hear your leg is doing better and that all is good in your life. I am sure your devotional thing went great and that girls camp will be an amazing experience for you. I bet you are just getting pumped for your senior year! Speaking of which when does school start for you? Just keep running, study hard and really just try and make this last year the best it can be. That's what I tried to do. I literally tried to do everything so I could say I didn't miss out on any opportunities and it made my senior year so much fun. Don't let people try and talk you out of anything because they think it sounds dumb or something. Frank didn't want to do the whole squirrel thing for the school air bands thing and when we did it he was so glad we did cause it was amazing haha. Just have fun Sarah. You are an amazing girl and can do things you could not even imagine is possible. You are so blessed and have the support of everyone around you. I love you so much and can't wait to hear from you again which I believe will be very soon with your track record.

With so much love,
Elder Leavitt

ok so lets see what I have done so far this week. So like I said the TRC went amazingly well. Spanish is starting to come quicker and quicker or at least I am starting to be able to memorize stuff a whole lot faster which was mentioned in my blessing. I already had a decent memory and I was wondering how that was going to work, but none the less yesterday I was able to memorize over 70 terms that are related to clothing haha it was kinda ridiculous haha. I am so blessed, with just everything in general. My family supports me in everything I do, I have amazing people backing me up from everywhere, church, friends, Teachers I love it. I have never felt the spirit on such a regular bases and I know that is why I am doing so well. I love reading the scriptures. I finished the Book of Mormon again just this morning. I am seeing scripture in such a different light. I can really see how it says in first Nephi 19 how we can really liken the scriptures to our lives, not just some but any scripture. They are becoming so personal to me now and they show me how I can not just become a better missionary, but how I can become a stronger person and future husband, Father, anything. It is as simple as when it says in third Nephi when Jesus tells the fathers to read the scriptures with their families everyday. And now that is something I will strive to do in my life. The scriptures can bless us in every aspect of our lives it is just great. Even the Bible is starting to make sense to me and believe me it really didn't before. I am positive I highlighted all of 1st John today and there is only 5 chapters, all about being born in Christ in all aspects of our lives I loved it. ok well I am out of time, I love you all and I will talk to you later.

Elder Alexander Thomas Leavitt

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  1. Hurray - Another email from Alex. I love this twice a week thing.