Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Alex's Seventh Letter from the MTC

Hey Everyone!
So you are all acting like I didn't write you last week. I am pretty sure I remember writing you one big one, then writing a smaller second one haha. That is more than any other son has written you in one week while in the MTC so I don't know why you are acting like I never wrote you or just wrote like two lines haha.

Dad that is really cool to hear about the successful modules and how things are really starting to take off at work! and I can just tell how excited you are about your new dutch speaking co worker haha. Classes are good we really are never taught Spanish in class though. All we do is the spiritual stuff and they say if we do that and work hard in our free time Spanish will come. I am actually doing decently ok in Spanish though. I am really scared cause next Monday I have to teach the first lesson in Spanish! no English I don't know how I am going to be able to do it but the lord will provide right? I have seen Ryan snow he is gone now, Paul Hill from Utah school, Eric Tuttle if you remember Harrison from spring break he is his best friend, I have seen Ryan Quackenbush, and the kid from the temple Thursday night shifts I cant remember his name, also rem plewe? i think that's his last name he dated Marie's cousin Megan so I use to see him alot. There I think that is everyone. Well the gym closed yesterday for 10 weeks so I will be sending those basketball shoes home in the near future haha, I will probably either just run or play sand volleyball out at the field. Apparently I am one of the better ones at volleyball here. Probably cause no high schools in Utah have mens volleyball haha.

If you didn't know I am scheduled to leave the MTC on August 17th the 3 companionships are all leaving for Chile that day and the 2 going to Paris France Spanish speaking are leaving the 16th. The District Leader is my companion Elder Nielson and I am senior companion, I think we are switching in like a week or so though I don't really know how it all works but ya. Elder Adair and Elder Burkhart are both going to Chile. Elder Adair is from California Northern, Elder Burkhart is from Salt Lake. Elder Braddy and Elder Higgs are going to Chile and Elder Braddy is from North Carolina and Higgs is from Riverdale Utah. Elder Cononica is from Switzerland and Elder Watson is from Utah and they are going to Paris.

The Service we do is we put up all the chairs for the devotionals on Tuesday and on Saturday. It is the best one because it is really easy haha. The temple opens up on like the 26th and even when it is all open I will still be able to email twice a week it is because of our service project is the reason why we get to do that.

Well I have gotten all of Sarah's postcards and she is so cute I love her. If she sent anything else besides all the post cards no I have not gotten them yet and I never got Sister Bessey's letter either. Speaking of Sarah I told me really good friend Elder Martindale he can write her haha. He is one I definitely approve of. He is the zone leader haha.

The camera is working great I have taken pictures no worries and I will be printing some out here in the near future no worries. About the new training the missionaries thing yes I have already heard about it. President king told us about it when we met him. It is basically a smaller preach my gospel and I will start using it when I get down into Chile. It is basically trying to teach even more by the spirit and really shape the lessons around the investigator.

Dad's hat is awesome haha yes I saw it and I thought it was funny. And no you never told me anyone birthdays. (Fred's Father's Day gift was a hat I picked up in the BYU bookstore. It's a baseball hat & half is blue & half is red. The blue side has the BYU logo and the red side has the Utah logo. Since we are a house divided with kids at both schools it seemed appropriate and it really is funny. I sent Alex a picture of it)

I would answer the other questions you have but I want to tell you a lil about my week. So me and Elder Nielson had a huge blow out. He just stopped talking to me one day like two weeks ago and it was so frustrating. He wouldn't help me plan wouldn't do anything. So I started praying like crazy. It went on for like another week and we were not going anywhere and I mean like he would not talk to me at all. Finally I got one of our teachers to sit down with us hoping he would open up there. Finally he started talking to me and we got everything worked out. But dang it was difficult. But I know my prayers were answered cause now we are even better than before.

So I was able to leave the MTC yesterday! Elder Nielson got elbowed in the face during basketball and we got to go to the orthodontist haha. His permanent retainer broke. So I was just chattin it up with people in the waiting room. When we were waiting outside to see if we could contact anyone and sure enough some lady stepped out for a smoke break. We were like crazy! who would have thought in Provo we would have this opportunity!! Right when we were about to approach her she bust out a cell phone starts calling someone and walks away! I have gotten my first rejection and I have yet to even leave the MTC sad day eh? Well God gave us a second chance. We were standing there and these two girls were walking they had their lil running shorts and bikini strap shirts on. They point at us start smiling and one kind lowers her shirt a lil. me and Elder Nielson were like ummm do we try and share the gospel? We decided that we would let the Lord send truly prepared missionaries to go teach them and we walked away haha. But it was cool I got to leave the MTC.
I am having a blast here in the MTC I am learning so much and I can really feel the spirit of the Lord working on me. I love the Gospel with all my heart and am so glad I can be here. I cannot wait to be able to actually go down to Chile and teach the people. I know if I put all my faith and trust in the Lord he will help me with my Spanish. I am working hard and I know that each day I am progressing. I love all of you and I will talk to you again on Monday.

Your Missionary,

Elder Leavitt

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