Monday, August 30, 2010

Alex's Second Letter from Chile & Pictures :)

Hola Everyone!

This week has been crazy! I spent like a total of 3 days in my actual sector. Elder You had leadership training 2 days and then I went on divisions with the zone leader and finally I had a greenie meeting in Maipu. So I spent a heck of a lot of time in Peñaflor. It was way cool though just seeing different stuff I guess. Well I will give you all a few highlights from my week.

On Sunday we ate lunch with the Algulars and hermano Algular has been sick and asked us for a blessing. So I have officially given my first anointing in the southern hemisphere. It was pretty smooth or anything but I got it out haha but it was just a way neat experience. Samuel was not at church on Sunday. I am so sad cause that means he can't be baptized for another month. He knows the church is true has a testimony and everything. We haven't been able to contact him so I am praying he has a legit excuse. Next weekend is stake conference and we are singing in the choir me and elder you. Hermana King is apparently talking in stake conference so I am excited for that. We do have a new investigator though. He is an evangelico pastor and saw one of the Hermanas in our ward reading a liahona and asked her all these questions about it. So we brought him a liahona the other day and told all about us. He thought we praised Moroni and Joseph smith and was all blown away that we are centered around Christ and wants us to come back this week so we have an appointment with him for Wednesday.

Elder You has been in the church now 4 years last Wednesday so I bought him some completos for his church birthday. He is the only member in his family and they actually didn't want him to go on a mission but they have warmed up to it. He is from San Mateo by San Francisco.

The only weirdish thing I have had I guess food wise is I had sliced pig face. It just tasted like baloni to me so it was fine. I had seconds. Haha yes I drink coke I am pretty sure I have only had water in the church and my house haha.

We were not able to go to the Mexican ladies house since we were gone like all week so we are trying to make another appointment with her but have yet to get in touch with her. There are 5 wards in the Peñaflor stake and only one ward in Malloco. From Malloco to get to the mission home we take a bus to Maipu and then the metro to Santiago in total it takes about an hour. My area there is people all jammed into one area and the rest is fields that is Malloco haha.

Elder Scott talked about teaching the truthfulness of the book of Mormon and marriage haha most of it was getting married when we get back not very applicable to me at this stage in my life haha. Also if it was in English that would have been cool. In my group of elders who got here elder nielson is on the coast, elder braddy is maipu, and the rest are in the metropolitan area, and of course I am in the campo. No I don't print your emails but I can if I wanted to.

One last cool story and I will finish up. On Friday we had a ward activity at the chapel. It was cool all about food storage and cool ways of being prepared for stuff. About halfway through this kid walks in and asks us how he can become a Mormon. I was like sweet deal haha. We told him the whole process and everything he was like awesome I would like to take the lessons. After awhile we asked where he lives... he lives outside of our sector! So we gave the other missionaries a golden reference. I guess all that matters is if he gets baptized and I wish him the best of luck. Well it was awesome to hear how everyone is doing and that all is well. I attached some photos for ya and hope you enjoy them!

Elder Leavitt

p.s. Tell ben and Brandon to make me CD´s with some good music on them, like gladiator and lord of the rings soundtracks something I can workout to or anything else they liked. I can listen to all church music and classical music

Alex with Santiago in the background. I'm assuming that's the day he arrived in Chile.

Alex in Malloco (I'm assuming this is his area)

Malloco Hub Cap Fence

Malloco Ward Emergency Preparedness Fair
(can you believe there is a guy there with a Raiders jacket?!!)

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