Wednesday, August 18, 2010

An Email and Picture from the Mission Field!!!

I checked my email about an hour ago and there was an email, picture & letter from Alex's mission president. I was soooooo excited!!!! They even sent a map showing the area he is serving in. It looks like it's not in the city (which was Fred's prediction) but it's not coastal where Alex was hoping it would be. It looks like he may be in the country which will be a perfect place to start :)
In the letter President King told us that they met the missionaries at the airport and then they gave them a brief tour of the beautiful city of Santiago. After that they arrived at the mission home where he interviewed Alex and gave him a priesthood blessing. Then he had a brief orientation to the mission with the assistants and office missionaries. They had a delicious lunch together and then he met his new companion. That afternoon he and his companion departed the mission home and headed to his first area of labor. Alex's companion is Elder You. He is in the picture with Alex & President & Sister King.

The picture below is of his area. Fred has put an "X" on his area. It's called 'Malloco'.


  1. Yay! That is so good to know that he has arrived and ready to go! It sure is nice of the Mission Presidents to be sending out these letters now, eh? : D

  2. Hola Hermano, Su hijo esta hoy en mi casa... esta muy animado aca en Malloco Ward, Peñaflor stake, esta aprendiedo el idioma español, tiene un buen compañero elder You,
    hoy pasaron por mi casa, y su hijo me mostro las fotos de su familia... muy linda familia..
    gracias por enviara a su hijo a Chile.. aca le cuidaremos como si fuera nuestro hijo..

    un abrazo
    Hno Cortes