Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Alex's 13th letter from the MTC

Hola Family!

Well I was so excited yesterday because when dear elders came I had 7 Dear elders! I was like wow people love me! Then I open them up and 5 were from mom haha. I was still super excited though so no worries.

That is really cool about Matt, he is a great guy. I am sad I didn't get to see him too much while I was in Salt Lake but ya he will be a great missionary. When does he leave? That is so crazy about Brandon's test! but I have no doubt he will be able to do well he is a stud. Ok that is so funny how Sydney calls you all the time just to talk. Last week I get a letter and it is from Sydney. She drew me a nice little picture it was awesome! So I am gonna write her back and draw her a picture I am excited haha. About my whole problem I had with peeing everywhere its not my fault bathrooms are so dang far away. I don't wanna get up from what I am doing and go to the bathroom jease haha and it was when me and Ben shared a room. (I'd better explain this. I told Alex in one of his letters how Kira had gone to get Landon out of his crib one morning and he had smeared poo all over himself, the crib the walls, you name it. I told him I was glad none of them had done that but reminded him of a little peeing problem he had when he was younger - I couldn't help myself :)

That is so neat Sarah gets to do that whole special needs things. I have always wanted to do something like that. Sarah will have the time of her life and will always be able to look back on that. I know it is not the same thing but when I coached that 5th grade basketball team and was able to watch them grow and progress it was so neat and amazingly rewarding.

And I am so bummed about Harrison! Parker came in last week and we were talking about that and we realized how I was gonna miss him by one day! But cool thing, I get to host tomorrow!! I am so excited! I get to be one of those missionaries that gets to steal the families son from them for the next two years. I am pumped! From how it goes you get to host the last two Wednesdays you have in the MTC.

Speaking of my letter to Kira have you watched those Mormon.org videos? If you haven't you should because they are awesome. Ok I have no idea what sweater directions you gave me. All I remember is if you asked if I had 2 short sleeves and I answered you haha, so ya tell them to me again if I missed something.

Marie is a little snot haha. She opened my letter early haha. Its ok though I had a feeling she would she has very little patience but I already knew that and I am ok with that because I am the same way. She actually sent me a dear elder tell me all about it. That is way funny you guys did that. But it was really sweet you remembered all that and got her stuff.

Yes, I Get the Ensign every month and president Uchtdorf's talk was awesome. Speaking of which he was here yesterday. I didn't see him but some people in my zone ran into him I guess. I am super jealous. And my companions name is Jordan Nielson.
Well I think I answered everything so now I have an awesome story! So last week I wrote about how in the TRC I had an investigator who was from Honduras she was a grandmother type age of a woman, she slurs her words like a mad man, has her own dialect of Spanish and native teachers here have a hard time understanding her. Well the Lord blessed us with her again haha. My heart literally sank when I saw her sitting in the room that had been assigned to us. We walk in and I let out a little Hola Pastora! That's her name. Don't ask me how I remembered it. She says Hi invites us in and to sit down and we just started talking. I have no idea how I was able to communicate with this woman. We taught her the whole plan of salvation in Spanish committed her to live the word of wisdom after explaining it all in Spanish, lesson ended she asked where we were serving and it was just so crazy. At one point in the lesson I see my teacher Hermano Pepper in the doorway and with a huge smile on his face gave us a huge thumbs up. It was such a neat experience to see how one week we did terrible but this past week I have worked twice as hard because I did not want that to happen again, and I know the Lord recognized that and helped us. Because I know even with how hard I worked that last week I would have never been able to communicate with that women without the Lord and the Spirits help. It is just a huge testimony booster of how God loves his missionaries and how he will bless us if we work hard. I am gonna work even harder because in 14 days I am heading to Chile. It is so crazy how fast things are going. I don't feel ready at all but I know that the Lord will help me. The district older than me left for Argentina yesterday. That includes the Elders writing Sarah. So now I am the oldest in the Zone. I really don't feel like I know enough to be the oldest it is insane. In the MTC I have probably been here longer than 90% of the missionaries. AHHH 2 WEEKS I am going crazy! It's like I am so excited to get out there go to Chile, but also super nervous cause I don't feel like I know enough. Hopefully in two weeks that will change. Well whatever happens I know the Lord is on my side. And as it says in one of my favorite scriptures in Deuteronomy 20:3-4 maybe 5. OK love ya bye!

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