Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A few thoughts & Pictures from the MTC

Alex sent home a box from the MTC. In that box were a bunch of pictures, his basketball shoes, a few other little things. Alex can come across as a tough, strong athletic guy. For those of us who know him well there is a very soft & tender side to him. He's not afraid to show emotion although at times he will try hard to hide it. Alex is also sentimental although he will try to be tough and not show that at times either :) Growing up Alex was always good to the kids who struggled. He's always been someone a coach or friend could count on.

In the box Alex sent home two missionary name tags. He sent one of his that was broken and another one that said Elder Leavitt and was in English. In his letter he explained it was his Grandpa's missionary tag and he had taken it to the MTC but didn't want to lose it in Chile. I had no idea he had taken that with him. Fred told me that Alex had asked him if he could take it with him and he told him he could. Alex was very young when his Grandpa Leavitt passed away and doesn't really have a lot of memories of him. He does look to his example from stories he's heard and also knowing of the two missions he served. I never really realized how much until now when he took that name tag with him. I also think that in some small way this was also a connection for Alex to have with his Grandpa Leavitt. I know his Grandpa Leavitt is proud of him and watching out for him.

Alex took two other things with him on his mission and I wish I had pictures of them but sadly I don't. I didn't know he had done this either until recently. He took one of Fred's ties he wore on his mission and he took one of the ties his Grandpa Shaw gave him. Alex has always looked up to his Dad and his example and I know that he feels he has a little bit of his Dad & his Dad's mission experience with him now in Chile as he wears that tie. Alex loves his Grandpa Shaw and looks up to him also for the many qualities and talents he has. He now has a piece of his Grandpa Shaw in Chile with him also and will feel his presence and support as he wears that tie. I was so touched that Alex would think to do that. I hope we will get pictures of him in those ties. All three of these men have been wonderful examples to Alex growing up.

Enjoy the pictures he sent from the MTC :)

Alex wrote on the back of this picture saying that the sign is no longer there. They are now making a new entrance to the MTC.

Alex was excited when the Provo Temple re-opened and he was able to go a few times before leaving the MTC.

Elder Nielson, Elder Martindale & Elder Leavitt

Alex's room in the MTC

Alex's District
Elder Nielson, Elder Leavitt, Elder Adair, Elder Braddy, Elder Moody, Elder Bown, Elder Higgs, Elder Burkhart, Elder Cononica, Elder Watson

Their service project - setting up chairs twice a week for devotionals & special meetings. It was because it was twice a week that Alex was able to email home from the MTC twice a week. Something I'd never heard of before. He was very lucky!!!

Elder Leavitt & Elder Nielson biking
(Alex's mission is a walking mission so this is the only 'biking' picture he will have)

Alex writes "We had a district slumber party."

Elder Plewe. We dated McConkie cousins together.
(it's too bad that Alex didn't get a picture of him and Ryan Snow together. Ryan dated a McConkie cousin as well. Alex & Ryan saw each other briefly once. Alex & Ryan are great friends. They were in the same ward together and served in the Elder's Quorum together)

Elder Leavitt & Elder Stapley
both from the Penasquitos Stake in San Diego, CA

This is gross and I didn't want to include it but Fred did. Here's what Alex wrote,
"I shaved my initials into Elder Nielson's back."

Hermana Murry and Olsen with Elder Leavitt

Trust Alex! Here's what he wrote:
"Funny story, this zone was taking pictures and me and Elder Adair decided
to sneak into their pictures."

The District pointing to where they are going:
Elder Adair, Braddy, Leavitt, Moody, Bown, Nielson, Higgs, Burkhart, Cononcia & Watson


  1. I love all the pics! I can't believe Elder Crowley is in the same mission now!! Wild!