Thursday, August 12, 2010

Alex's 16th letter from the MTC

Hola family!

Well this is my last Thursday email! I only have like 5 days left. I am just ready to go! My zone just got a new district yesterday. Speaking of yesterday it was a ton of fun we got to host again and so ya it was sweet. I didn't get like 7 again but it was still just a ton of fun. I had some stereo typical Mormon family it was awesome. So they pull up in one of those huge vans that have like 3 rows right. Parents hop out an aunt and an uncle hop out and then like 6 kids. The aunt has a video camera the uncle some huge camera like dads then the dad has another camera. It was insane! Worst part of it was there was not a single one of them that was not bawling! All of them including the aunt and uncle which was the weirdest part for me. He had his sisters refusing to let go of him and coming back for like 2nd and 3rd hugs and what not not it was just ridiculous haha. But overall I had a blast haha.

It is so exciting coming down to the final wire of things got called into the travel office telling us when we land we will need to pay a 130 dollar airport tax in Chile. (it's not really an airport tax it's his VISA) I was like holy smokes! Then they told us the church will cover it and they will give us debit cards pre loaded with the money. I am just excited. Happy Birthday DAD!! if you want to think about it this way I will be calling for your birthday next Tuesday. Hope you are having an awesome day. Mom Colton Stanger was a friend I made up at the U in my acting class he is awesome and tell I say thanks for the message and hope he is doing good. I think that would be tight if Mahonry could look me up and come see me and take me out to lunch haha of course he needs to bring me an investigator as well haha. Hey if you could do me a favor and get me Harrison's my lds mail address cause in Chile I will be able to keep in touch with other missionary buddies I am excited about that. If you could send these next few letters to the right people I would be forever grateful haha

Hey Alycia!

I am so sorry for taking so long to write back. It is just hard cause they only give me 30 mins to write and I am a terribly slow typer. Thank you so much for all the letters you have sent me here in the MTC, and you are funny sending letters with on word on it haha. I am glad to hear everything is going well in the blue house and that you get to go home! I am very jealous in that sense haha. I am sad you missed the sisters call you would have thought you could have had a fun time talking with them. Its alright they said they are gonna try again when they land in Oakland. If you want to know my flight leaves salt lake at 2:50 but i dont know when I will get there haha so sorry besides you will be in San Diego and I will talk to you on the phone! ok well I love you a ton and I can't wait to talk to you on Tuesday!

Love your little brother
Elder Alex Leavitt

Hey Kira!

I cannot remember if I had already thanked you for the donuts or not so I will do it again. Thank you so much for the donuts!! My district loves you haha. I shared them hope you don't mind there were just sooo many haha. I still have some there were so many. I am happy to hear that you had a good time back at home and your reunion was fun. I cant wait to go to mine one day so I can see who has gotten fat and who looks like what haha. That is so cool you have a chance to audition for another job what exactly is it for? I am glad you liked Marie, I do too haha. Sorry this is so short but I am just low on time in Chile they will be a little longer I promise :) I love you so much and will talk to you later.

I love you you little bro

Elder Alex Leavitt

Well sorry this is so short but the computer was weird and cut time from me. Luckily I get to email you on Tuesday right before I leave for the airport so yay! Ok I love you guys so much and cannot wait to hear and talk to you soon!


Elder Leavitt

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