Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Alex's 15th letter from the MTC

I can hardly believe that Alex has only one more week in the MTC and that we only have two more emails from the MTC - CRAZY!!!

Hey Everyone!

No need to worries mom I sent the sweater and I have already received the long sleeved one back. I will be putting together a little package here to send home in a little bit. So ya I have already been thinking about it but thank you for the reminder. I already have about like 70 bucks or so from my farewell stuff so I don't think I will pull out anymore but ya money on the card would probably be nice. I sent the letter to Pres. King last week so it should hopefully get there before I do.

It is insane I leave here in 7 days. It is insane I am just getting so excited and need to get out of here haha. So this is how my day will go on Tuesday. I will probably email you guys right before I leave just because I can. I leave the MTC around 11:30, my flight leaves salt lake at 2:50 and we land in Dallas. Our flight leaves Dallas at 9:30 and I land in Santiago at 7:30 in the morning! From Texas to Chile it will be a 10 hour flight. They say we can call in Salt Lake and Dallas. Would you guys want me to call twice or just once and if so which time or airport would you want? I would think Dallas because we have a huge lay over and won't be as rushed but it is up to you.

I have seen an elder Millard haven't really talked to him. I am better friends with elder Roach who is going to the Vina Del Mar Chile mission and is actually from Del Mar in San Diego. Ya I am upset you didn't answer the phone and talk to my Hermana friends. They come up to me and are like your mom and your sister did not answer their phones. I was like, wow I told them you will be calling and I just assumed you would want to talk to some missionaries that I have seen and talked to for like the past 8 weeks and have all these cools stories about what we have done haha. It's ok though I think they said they will probably call you again when they get to Oakland. (Unfortunately we were out on Saturday morning when they called the house and I had my cell phone on silent. Alycia was at the lake. I was sad I missed their call.)

That is insane the Funn's are moving to D.C. but good for them. Do you know if Sydney got my letter I sent her? And that is really cool the Marie is coming to see you guys. I find it funny she can visit while I am in Chile but when I am there she can't but whatever that's fine haha.
Well it is insane how time flies, it seriously feels like I only got here last week it is insane. I have learned so much. Not just Spanish but a lot about me and who I am, and so much about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I have been thankful for everything that has been given me in my life, but being here I am seeing how blessed I really have been. I am so thankful to have had this gospel in my life. There are so many people walking around this world not knowing what their purpose in life is. They don't know they have a heavenly father that knows them and loves them. I had never truly realized how this knowledge has blessed me. How those two things alone have blessed me in my life. There is so much more I can talk about but really it is amazing to me. I am so ready and excited to head down to Chile here in 7 days and share what I know with them. That if I can just help one person realize why they are here help them realize that they have a heavenly father that loves more than they know and how they can work and return to live with him again receive eternal happiness and be saved in the Kingdom of Heaven. That alone would make my mission and I could walk away with no regrets. I am so happy to be a representative of Jesus Christ, I am so happy to be able to wear his name on my chest everyday. I am also happy to have Leavitt on my chest everyday. To be a walking example of those things that my parents have taught for 19 years. To be an example of morals and characteristics they have. I am so grateful for you and having you in my life and teaching me everything i know. I love you so much and there is nothing I could do to even come close for you always being there for me.


Elder Alexander Leavitt

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