Monday, January 30, 2012

Alex's 76th email from Chile 1/30/12

Zone Pday activity
Front row: Elder Brow, Elder Leavitt, Elder Sosa
Back Row: Elder Tognetti, ?, Elder Braddy, ? & ?

Hola Familia!!

This week just flew by!! This week was a good one as well. We taught a good amount of investigators this week but mainly I have good news and bad news. Antonia the little girl that we were going to baptize we had to drop her. It was just soo frustrating. I honestly have never taught someone like her. She would honestly just sit and cover her face with her hands and not talk and it was just so frustrating. Before we would teach and after she would talk to us play around be totally normal, and then when we sit down and teach her she would just turn off and boom nothing! So Elder Tognetti and I just decided we couldn't keep going by anymore. We have a limited amount of time and we need to use more effectively. So sad. Also Juan was working outside of Santiago all week so we couldn't teach him the last little stuff he needed so he couldn't have his interview so we will change his baptismal date.

But Caroline, Sunday passed her interview and will get baptized this Saturday!! So pumped. We had an amazing cita with them this week where they were just both sharing their testimonies with us, thanking us for everything we have done for them. The best part was when Caroline shared her testimony about the strength and power of the preisthood and how she felt it when we gave both her and Marcos (her husband) blessings of strength so they could stop smoking. How she didn't think Marcos could do it but went from 40 cigerrets a day to 0 after the blessing. How she knows the church is true. The spirit was there so strong. I love this part of the mission to just watch the change in peoples lives it is so awesome!
 Elder Tognetti & Elder Leavitt
 Elder Braddy & Elder Leavitt (MTC buddies)
Look at that form

I've seen that look of determination on the soccer field, football field, basketball court & volleyball court. 

This week we also had a zone conference. It was good but way too long. It was 7 and a half hours long!! And it just took our entire day from us to work. I did get my Missionary of preach my gospel award. I don't know if I told you guys about this but they have a ton of different requirments you have to complete to get it and there are 3 different levels soldier, teacher and missionary. Obviously missionary being the highest. Well I finally got it so that is pretty legit.

Republica Zone Conference
Alex is in the third row almost directly behind Hermana King
Also this week we found 8 new investigators so lets see if we can get some that can progress that would be tight. Elder Braddy had taken his suit coat off but ya he just jumped in haha. Sister missionaries are in the campo as well. There were some in Talagante.
Elder Monson and Alex's 'thumbs up'. 
I believe Elder Monson received some kind of award.
Summer is definitely starting to kick in. The people are now starting to disappear from our ward and sector. It's gonna start getting really difficult to find some new people to teach so not to excited for that, but hey its part of the work. Ok family I love you. The time is passing by too quickly its insane!! Love you and talk to you next week.

Con Mucho Amor,

Elder Alex Leavitt

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