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Alex's 75th email from Chile 1/23/12

Remember last week when Alex talked about how hot it was and how he felt like his skin was burning off? Read what he writes below:
A chart of the UV strength we have here in Chile - may not be so hot like tempurature wise here but it literally burns your skin because we have the highest UV strength you can get. It's terrible.

Hola Familia!!!

This week was a good one! Monday night we had a noche de hogar with the familia Ruz which was awesome! Sad news on that note their niece Dalenka who had a fecha or baptismal date now doesn't have one. Her whole family turned on her, was all against it, didn't want her to listen to us, and then to add more her boyfriend said he would break up with her if she keeps listening to us. Well she still wants to listen to us and learn, but her family won't let her go to the family Ruz's house and won't let us come over. Pretty sucky. I am really sad about it because she wants to change her life and start doing everything better and move herself closer to God.

Elder Leavitt & Elder Braddy's districts at the multi-zone activity. 
They are in their new district shirts.

A better look at Alex's district shirts

On Tuesday we had a few really good lessons. We met with Caroline who is soooooooo awesome! She is soo excited for her baptism and is probably our strongest investigator that we have. During our lesson there was an earthquake! The first one I have felt since being in Chile. It was pretty tight. The whole building was swinging and what not. We were on the 7th floor of an apartment building so it was cool afterwards. They looked it up and it was a 4 point something. But she is progressing just amazing and is sooo happy to be getting baptized. Her husband who has been inactive for over like 30 years is reactivating himself as well and had a couple interviews with the bishop and will baptize her!! (He's forgotten that this isn't his first earthquake because he wrote home about one when he was first out. He was at a training meeting and right when President King held up the Book of Mormon they felt the shaking :)

Today we had a multi zone activity where we played football so legit.

On Wednesday I had divisions with Elder Merchan in his sector it was so fun. I saw Stephanie from La Islita in Talagante. She was registering for college and we ran into her in the street it was sooo awesome! So we stopped and were talking with her for awhile because it's like what are the odds that she would be there when me and Merchan were on divisions because we both know her from Talagante it was soo awesome.  Then later that day I saw a Hermana from La Cisterna who I had not seen in almost a year it was soo cool. What a blessing. On Thursday I came back to my sector with Elder Tignetti and we had some lessons with Juan who is progressing well for his baptism and some other investigators. Then that night we met up with Elder Braddy and his companion. Elder Braddy and I did divisions because we had a leadership meeting Friday early in the morning. So we had a good time being together Thursday night and left Friday for Maipu. The meeting was good but was just way too long. It was 7 hours!!!!! 10 to 5 just ridiculous. When we got to Republica it was already late and we decided to watch the baptism of Elder Braddy and his companion which turned out to be a good decicion because I will never forget that baptism. The guy who was getting baptized was a big dude and his tiny skinny son was baptizing him. Well on top of being like 6' 4" he was big and had knee problems where he could not bend his knees. Well needless to say his son went to dunk him and the Hermano didn't bend his knees, didn't go all the under and could stand up! His son being super skinny and small couldn't lift him so Elder Braddy jumps in the baptismal font and helps him up!! Well Braddy was already in so he helped in the baptism and the Hermano was baptized! Crazyness.

Saturday we had a cosechon in the Hermana's sector where we all go and do massive contacts. It was good. Then we had a ward noche de hogar and it was tight!! We had like 5 investigators show up and then on Sunday the same 5 came to church! It was awesome! We are having so much success in our sector right now. If everything goes well we should have 3 baptisms for the 4 of February.

At the ward noche de hagar. 

Caroline is not the evangelica. In Le Legua we have not been going by with the two sectors and everything being super spread out. We are focusing alot on just the investigators that are progressing seeing that we have way too much to do. I will be honest, the work is a little more slow in the campo or country but I like the whole enviorment a whole lot more in the campo. The people are nicer. It's way more, I don't know, I just like it better. Yes, the corn has come back. Man I am sooo tired of corn haha.

Well family that was my week. I will talk to you all later.

Con mucho amor,

Elder Alex Leavitt

This is how we shop in Chile.

Chugging contest with Rocio

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