Monday, February 6, 2012

Alex's 77th email from Chile 2/6/12

Alex writes "Elder Tognetti and I got bored so we decorated"

Hola Familia!!

This week was awesome! This week I had 2 days of straight divisions. First one was with Elder Demeyer and we tore it up. We had a ton of good lessons and over all it was good. Then I went on divisions with Elder Brow and we had an awesome time jaja, We have a good amount of investigators and there are alot that are progressing. With Elder Brow we set a baptismal date with Domingo the grandpa that we found last week. He is cool and super good, but I know it will take alot for him to reach his baptismal prayer. We need to be sure to just stay on top of him. He is just really lonely. Hopefully he can fully understand the importance of our message and its importance in his life.
Some awesome graffiti I like

During the week we were planning the baptism with Caroline and everything was going good and then she asked "who is going to confirm me?" I said "probably the bishop or is there someone in specific you want?" And she said "I want you to do it Elder Leavitt", now that was such a huge surprise for me. Like I know Elder Tognetti has known her longer and everything and she has some good friends in the ward and likes the bishop and everything. But I gladly accepted and I know it made her happy to see how excited I was. It was really cool. Saturday was perfect. It was one of the best baptisms I have had. We planned soo much so it would be perfect and it was. Her husband baptized her, Elder Tognetti gave a good talk about the Holy Ghost, and the spirit was sooo strong during the whole thing.
Elder Tognetti, Caroline, Marcos & Elder Leavitt

On Sunday she was confirmed a member of the church and I did it. It was soo cool. Doing that ordinance one can feel the Spirit just enter the room and in that moment so strongly. I love giving Blessings and doing things like that. It is just so strong the church is soooo TRUE!
A beautiful couple!

I am sorry this is going to be such a short letter but my head is killing me. You guys know I get migraines sometimes. I feel one coming on. I am sorry forgive me. I love you all so much I am still happy :) I love being a missionary. I hate thinking about how much time I have left. I still have soo much I can do here. I can honestly say that my time here has changed my life and has set me on a better path. I have so many goals and now know that I need to work a little harder to reach them but that I do have the potencial to do anything I want in life and that I will be the best at whatever I choose. We all have that potencial because we are sons and daughters of the most high God and King and that makes us Princes and Princesses we have the right to everything. So we can do everything we want and Be anything that we desire. I have never been so focused in my life. I just love this work and the things I am learning.

People here give us just way too much food! 
(That is quite the piece of watermelon)

Like I said I love you all so much and I will talk to you next week.

Con Mucho Amor,

Elder Alex Leavitt

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