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Alex's 71st email 12/26/11

Elder Carcamo's 25th Birthday

Hola Familia!

Ok so I will mention some stuff I didn't say yesterday and that will be it. Won't be a very long letter today. On Monday like you know it was Elder Carcamos birthday. Well on Tuesday I had planned a surprise birthday party for him about a week ago so we had that it was way fun. All his favorite people in the ward were there. He was soo happy and surprised. It was cool because he was having a hard time this being his first birthday away from the family. Wednesday and Thursday I had divisions outside of my sector with Elder Enamorado and with Elder Demayer. They were cool. On Friday we had our mission Christmas party we watched the Christmas Carol that was cool. Everyone was looking at me though because I had sooo many presents and cards sent to me this year! Like I mean I had a ton sent. Mainly candy but some ties and what not. It feels good to feel like you have made an impact in other areas and people remember you.

Elder Carcamo's surprise birthday party

Saturday was when things got crazy. I have eaten soo much this weekend. Saturday I ate 3 meals one at 4ish another at 7ish and then one at 9 ish and we celebrated and opened presents with a family we are really close too. Then in the pension we celebrated latino style and we opened up our presents our families sent us at midnight. Sunday we only had sacrament meeting and we  then ate lunch with our bishop and his family and from their we basically went to Rocios house to do our phone calls and then we went home. Needless to say I am tired from lack of sleep and amazing heat.

Mission Christmas Party

We haven't met with Dalenka last week hopefully tonight! The Christmas party was with everyone and it was in La Cisterna right next to Lo Ovalle. I didn't see anyone I knew though sad. Just the four of us missionaries that live together.(I asked Alex if it was just his pension that opened presents up together and when so this is his answer) Normally yes they have Christmas and New Years off from work here in Chile and Christmas is way bigger than New Years.(More answers to questions)

 New matching Christmas ties

So to end this I want to do the same thing I did last year and share my testimony with you guys seeing that I don't have much to write. This work is amazing. To think the same thing I am doing here there are thousands of others around the world participating in the work of saving souls. I know this is God's Church, his Kingdom here on earth. I love being a missionary to feel like I am an instrument in the hands of God to help his children come closer to him. The thing I love most about the mission is to see the spirit move into the lives of the people, to see how people can literally change their lives from living the gospel principals. To me there is nothing more special than that. Basically to just sum things up,  I know Jesus Christ is our Lord and Redeemer, through Him and his sacrifice we can all be saved, made pure and worthy to live with our Heavenly Father and families after this life. I love being a missionary. I love being a representative of my God here in Chile doing his work and spreading his happiness to everyone.

I love you guys more than you know,

Elder Alex Leavitt

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