Monday, January 16, 2012

Alex's 74th email from Chile 1/16/12

Hola Familia!!!

So thought I would tell you guys that it is amazingly hot! It is terrible just how bad it is. I literally feel my flesh burning, but on the good side I am now very tan, but also on the bad side I am super white where the sun does not hit so it all equals out jaja. Well family I just wanted to say I love you guys. I don't know why I just have been thinking about you alot this week and praying for you guys. I have been reading my patriarchal blessing alot and trying to set some goals for my life. It says I need to do that more often. Well for the mission I decided to set the goal to fast at least once every week. I really want to end strong and I don't have much more time left which just blows my mind. I started last week and I can already feel the difference. I may have to continue this after the mission as well who knows we will see.

So this week was a good one. Since we have tried focusing on the members helping us we have had alot of exito (success) Our investigators are all progressing alot. Juan is super excited about the church and is super willing to listen to us and keep his commitments. His problem is that he doesn't have much work and since we have been teaching him he is finding alot more work to do which is good, but now he doesn't have much time to meet with us so hopefully we can get this all figured out. But he is good. Antonia the little girl, she will probably si o si get baptized but it is hard to teach her. She gets all shy and nervous and doesn't talk during the lessons which is difficult to know if she understands or has a question. But she will get over it. I found out that if I joke around a little more it opens her up. So we will get her progressing faster. Caroline is probably the best, she is progressing so fast. She is excited super stoked for her baptism. She wanted us to describe excactly how it will be the day of her baptism. She is super happy and excited and has a testimony which overall puts the icing on the cake. Dalenka will be the hardest but she also is progressing slowly. She has alot she needs to change in her life, is willing to do it, but doesn't want to be rushed which I understand when you are 17 yrs old. I told her we are not asking her to change her whole life in a week. That we are not going to force her to do anything and that everything is on her time and schedule (which she liked to hear). She said she likes listening to us and that she thinks we are funny :)

Elder Tognetti and I are doing great. He is legit. I told him you invited him to see dads star trek collection and he said him and dad are going to become best friends after the mission. I told him dad is kinda a nerd as well jajaja. He is tight. That is tight that the people in Malloco still remember me. He is still in Malloco now with Elder Florez my kid! I actually a little bit ago got some letters from some converts and families in Malloco. It feels so cool you know? to know that you have made some kind of positive impact in the lives of people.

(The 'he' Alex refers to is Elder Connor Wilcox. I had told Alex about an eamil I had received from his Mom a week ago. She told me that during their Christmas call her son had told her that in the area he is serving EVERYONE always talks about Elder Leavitt. The families and many of the investigators all LOVE Elder Leavitt. They say he was just the greatest missionary and that he was super funny.  Alex & Connor never knew each other before the mission even though they probably only live about 10 - 15 mins. away from each other. They were in different stakes and different high schools. His Mom & I became friends on the Missionary Mom's group. We have met once.)

Those were the zone ties of and it was taken in the stake center of Republica, me and Braddy have the district leader ties haha. The pictures I took and sent last week were not from my pension but just some building in my sector. It's pretty dirty huh? My sector is the most dangerous sector in our mission and probably all of Chile. It's run down.  In the summer yes everyone leaves the city and its terrible jaja but since our sector is giant I don't think we will have a problem teaching. We still have Hermanas that do our laundry and we have lunches every day without problems if not I have a couple of Hermanas here that say that I am their son and will always feed us if we need it jaja. Ya send some updated pictures that would be tight :)

Well family I just wanted to say that I am happy. The mission is amazing and it has changed my life. I have changed so much. I have such a better outlook on the stuff I want to do with my life. But the biggest change is that I feel so much closer to Our Padre Celestial.  I know he loves me. I feel like I know him so much more on a personal level. I have fallen in love with the scriptures. I have never had a relationship with them like I do now and I can't believe I had missed out on this for so much of my life. We truly can understand our Father in Heaven more clearly through the scriptures. I Love this work and how I feel so much closer and feel like I understand how Jesus Christ feels for us. One can learn to love so much easier by serving and working for others and for God. I just love it here. OK guys I need to run so I will talk to you next week :) I love you and pray for you every night.

Con Mucho Amor,

Elder Alex Leavitt

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