Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Alex's 73rd email from Chile 1/9/12

Hola Familia!!!!

This week was AWESOME!!!! Last Sunday some random dude showed up to church literally looked like a bum off the street. Well with a little investigation his name is Juan, and is the brother of one of our members. So we asked if we could come visit him some time and he said sure. Well he now has a baptismal date and is so legit. He came this last Sunday as well and is progressing so fast it's awesome. Working in two sectors is crazy they are so big. We are trying to plan a ton of different divisions with members and what not so we can work both equally and not let one die, which is hard because we are having so much success in my old sector. The majority of our appointments and what not are on that side but we are working well and in fact set a fecha in the other side with the wife of an inactive member we found her name is Caroline. She came to church for the first time this Sunday and loved it!  We are being super blessed cause we have set 3 baptismal dates this last week!!  The other fecha is a girl named Dalenka, and is the cousin of Dary that kid we are always working with. Basically we decided to visit the members a ton and try to get their support which is necisary to have working in such a huge sector and it has payed off!  We set 3 fechas last week and we are planning on setting one on Tuesday with the daughter of a lady in our ward who just never got baptized.  We were looking at our wards list and just saw this girl never got baptized. How does that happen? So that will just be a baptism for us. It's crazy how much luck we are having.

Just so you know a little bit. Elder Tognetti is awesome. He is a straight up Baller. I love him. He is one of the biggest nerds I know. He is a Treky dad would love him. He has seen every Star Trek movie and almost every episode of every Star Trek. We have had some cool conversations. You should have seen his face when I told him I like Star Trek as well hahaha.  I don't come off as the Star Trek type he told me haha. Elder Tognetti is the most patient and humble person I have met in my life. And I am not kidding he is amazing. He has that gift and to the extreme. He is a stud and a stand out guy. He has 8 months in the mission and is just legit. Like I said he is from Iowa.
Elder Leavitt & Elder Tognetti

On Sunday we had four investigators in the chapel which was awesome!! Elder Tognetti was so happy he said that was the most he has ever had in the chapel. He is really happy with the success we are having. We had 9 MAC!!! which was legit. That;s when a member is in your appointment with you. So when the missionaries meet with Oliver in the house that is a MAC and every missionary wants that.

It was really funny, Dary our buddy who always helps and leaves with us has an austistic brother. I love their family and when I first got there, Issac the austistic kid, did not like the missionaries. Well now we are friends well him and I at least. We always play together and we have our own hand shake as well haha. Well on Sunday this other little kid came over to play with me, i am always playing with the kids, well Issac saw this and was not happy. He came running over took my hand pulled me away and started playing with me haha. His mom loved it and was like "looks like Issac got jealous."  I thought it was cool.

On Thursday President King randomly decided to come to our District meeting and sat in on my class!!! Well luckily it went super well.  He actually complimented my class and the examples I used and said he loves my animo!  It's like Love/energy/excitment for the work. I did a class on goal setting and being better and what not.

I did get the RS package and I have been planning on writing but I am soo swamped! I have soo many cards to write you don't even know. That joined with DL work and two sectors I am just dead everynight and want to sleep. As my white elephant gift I got a US flag haha.  Hopefully you can tell that the work was way better than last weeks. I am pretty sure that this is only a temporary change. I think that next change they will bring in two other missionaries. Elder Braddy is the other District leader still! And I only have 1 new one Elder Brow from Baker California. He is legit! In our pension it's only me and Tognetti now since they took out the other sector. Hey mom can you send me a pulled pork sandwitch recipè. I have had a craving for like a sloppy joe type thing and then I remembered pulled pork sandwiches and I have an hermana here who likes to cook and wants to try something new so if you could get me a good one I could be eating good here haha.
I'm guessing this is the view from his pension (apartment)

Well Family I love you a ton and I can't wait to hear from you next week. It is insane how fast the time is going. I am really enjoying my time here and we are working hard!

Con Mucho Amor,

Elder Alex Leavitt

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