Monday, January 9, 2012

Alex's 72nd email from Chile 1/2/12

Elder Leavitt's District & Elder Braddy's District at the Mission Christmas Party.
I love how they all got matching ties :) 

Hola familia!!!

So this week was hard. We worked really hard but we were not able to do much. Nobody wanted to meet with us haha or if they wanted to they couldn't and said come back in a month! Well what can you do right?

His Pac12 t-shirt from Alycia & Trevor. 
The excitement on his face says it all.

So funny, story last Monday I lost my companion. We were in the metro luckly we were with a group. Well we were all walking and my companion didn't tell anyone he was going to put money on his card. We were all talking and just kept going, got on the train, and then I was like "wait where is my comp?" When I realized that he wasn't there the doors closed! So I got off at the next stop went with Elder Sosa back, had the others get off and search the next train for Carcamo. Well he was on the next train and we met up again it was insane.
Some candy we sent him in his Christmas package.

Well like I said this week wasn't to strong numbers wise but it was still a good week. On Thursday we said goodbye to Rocio. She is going on vacation until March. I don't know if you remember but Santiago kinda shuts down during summer everyone leaves. But ya insane, so we both said goodbye because there is a chance none of us will see each other again before she comes back sad :(

On Friday we got the call Elder Carcamo has changes and they are shutting down the sector next to me and I am getting Elder Tognetti as my companion. I have been living with him for the last 3 months so we know each other really well we are excited to be together. He is from Iowa. We are going to have alot of work on our hands our sector is giant now.

Saturday we didn't do anything special. We had to be back in the pension at the normal time. Here in Chile they do like nothing for New Year's, and they only have like one firework show in all of Santiago, and so from our apartment we could barely see them so we watched those and then went to bed. Then Sunday we did our goodbyes, well part of them, today we are doing more goodbyes for Elder Carcamo.

We haven't been able to meet with Dalenka for Christmas and New Year's :( The basketball jersey got here just in time and I was able to give it to Rocio before she left.

Alex in Rocio's basketball jersey. 
Rocio in Alex's basketball jersey he had me send & 
Elder Carcamo in the background with the shorts.

Hey mom, so there is an Elder Sosa in my district and he is from argentina from the ward borges. His dad is the bishop there and says he worked alot with and knows President Northcutt.
Alex told us before that you see graffiti all over the place in the city.

Well guys I reaLLY DONT HAVE MUCH TO SAY THIS WEEK I AM SURE NEXT WEEK IT WILL BE (just realized that it was in caps but to lazy to go back and fix it :) love you) more exciting since it is a new comp and sector basically. I am going to send alot of pictures though love you guys and talk to you next week.

Con Mucho Amor

Elder Alex Leavitt

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