Monday, December 19, 2011

Alex's 70th email from Chile 12/19/2011

Alex included a fun video clip this week. Well, one of the young men he works with a lot actually sent it to me. Thanks Dari!! Look for the video at the end.

I stole this picture from Elder Mlazgar's blog. 
I believe this is their zone.

Hola Familia!

I probably have not been so tired in my entire mission as I have been this last week we had such an insane week! But first off on Monday we had a sweet family home evening with a family in our ward that invited their niece to share with us. It was awesome we shared a Christmas Jesus Christ lesson all focused on the Book of Mormon. I don't know if I explained that really well but it was cool. After we played a game and what not, well their neice loved it. Her name is Dalenka and I had the same feeling I had when I first met Rocio. I really feel like this girl is going to get baptized. It wasn't any normal feeling. I don't know how to explain it but we will be seeing her today as well. Oh before I forget, today is Elder Carcamos birthday!  He turned 25. I set the alarm for midnight and jumped on him :) I also set up a surprise party for him tomorrow with the Hna Denisse.

On Tuesday we worked like Pack mules. We had an awesome day. Me and Elder Carcamo work super well together. We really don't have a ton in common but we both work very well and like my blessing says that when I focus on the work the differences and faults of my compaƱero will be less noticible and really now I have gained an amazing friend that I will keep for the rest of my life.

On Thursday we had a capacitacion especial and interviews with President King. He has been so impressed with our numbers and asked how or what we have been doing to have so much success. He said I have grown a ton and have matured a ton since being on the mission. I would like to say I am the same. I just know when things are appropriate and when they are not hahaha but he said he is happy with what I have done and the example I have set for my district.

On Friday we spent the whole day doing the carnet stuff of Elder Carcamo ( basically his chilean ID).  But it was cool I got to chill with Elder Champion. Don't know if you guys remember who he is but it was cool to see him. On Saturday we had a choir practise. We are singing on Friday at our mission Christmas activity, and at night we had a talent show Christmas dinner thing with our ward. The missionaries planned everything. Well it was awesome! We have had tons of people tell us that it was the best activity that this ward has had.

And today like I said it is Carcamo's birthday and I planned a pizza party for him with our zone it was fun.

I have not gotten that package yet or the one with rocios jersey. I don't know what the date was with the last blog. I am sorry it has been awhile. They have about the same time off like 2 or 3 months. My neck is fine now. It finally popped yesterday and now I am doing great! Maria is doing awesome. She is reading the Book of Mormon. She will take longer but when she gets baptized she will be solid! I asked Elder Carcamo and Alex Jafek is in a good mission but its north and he is from the south. We are having Christmas Eve with the familia Ruz. The Hermana LOVES me. She says I am her favorite child hahaha. She is awesome. Sunday we have like 1 hour to an hour and a half. And mom don't be worried I have bought your nativity like 6 months ago :) If I see a cool small one I will get you 2 but the one I got was expensive haha no se preocupe I am on top of things :)

Well family thats all I got for you, I love you soo much and I cannot wait to see you on Sunday. I am getting soo excited.  Elder Carcamo is excited to meet you guys as well entonces nos vemos and I love you all so much!!

Con Mucho amor,

Elder Alex Leavitt

A young man from the ward who works with the missionaries a lot sent this video today. This is what he wrote:
"this is dari he always leaves with us so we made a handshake :)"


  1. That is quite some handshake! Looks like fun.

  2. I love his expression throughout the whole thing... so alex :) haha loved this, too funny. His videos are always the best!