Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Alex's 88th email from Chile 4/23/12

Alex in front of more of the awesome graffiti they have there. 
It's such an art that that he even found a postcard to send to Sarah awhile ago that had only pictures of graffiti on it!

Hola Familia!!

What an amazing week. So last monday I got to go on division with the assistans. It was cool and I was in their sector. That same night I was woken up at like 1 in the morning to an earthquake! But no worries. It was fun and when it ended I just went back to bed.

Something cool is that I finished the Book of Mormon in Spanish for the third time. I love that book more and more each time I read it amazing now I am reading Doctrine and Covenants which is awesome! My goal is to finish it before I end the mission, and I am making really good progress. This week Elder Wardell and I decided we are going to go visit every companionship in our zone and go on 2 hour splits with them and work in their sector. The zone has been down in animo and numbers since I have been here and it payed off. The zone in every sector just bumped up like crazy it was way cool and we are keep doing our visits like that besides doing our normal divisions we have to do. This week we did really good. It's just funny, it's not like everyday we do amazing but every Sunday when we sit down and look we are like "Wow, we had a good week." It's more like we are consistent and I like it. We have been visiting a ton of inactives and active members trying to get everyone excited in the missionary work and it has payed off as well. We had like 7 references this week for people we can teach. The ward is overall little by little is getting excited. And then on Sunday we had a cosechon or harvest, where the other missionaries come over to a sector and all work for like 2 hours. Well this week it was our turn and we wanted to show everyone how a cosechon should be done. It was awesome. We had a member for every elder and they all went on divisions and did visits contacts and so forth. We actually had more members than missionaries which we were not expecting.

A view of Alex's area

On Sunday Luckas passed his baptismal interview! He is crazy. He reminds me alot of me and now I can see why I drove my teachers crazy. He acts up has a ton of energy but remembers everything! It's insane. But he passed and will be baptized May 5th. His family is going out of town this weekened for the holiday and so May 5th is the day. Heraldo is good I never want to go inactive. This guy is having a tough time getting back. Macarena is doing amazing! The only problem is that they need to wait for their contract to expire to seperate so she can get baptized and thats in June. So I may not even be here to see her get baptized :(  I guess what's important is that she does get baptized I am praying for her and her situation.

I never got Tori´s letter,  in fact I have not gotten a letter from anyone in awhile haha. Hopefully it will get here this week maybe its just slow, but no I have not gotten a letter from Tori yet. I have not heard anything from Rocio yet have you? There is no news yet on the stolen items.

Alex has been trying for a long time to get me some pictures of the parrots. He either doesn't have his camera or can't get one. This time he said "I FINALLY caught the parrots"

We are having a ton of success with the inactives! This last week 5 of the inactive people we have been sharing with came to church!! It was awesome to see them all there. But also one kid we are working with Fabio, his girlfriend is showing that she may be interested and has actually asked about what it would take for her to get baptized!!

Well familia I love you and I am working hard. All I want to do is end this thing strong and right. I love the mission, I love chile and I love what I am doing :)

Con Mucho Amor,

Elder Alexander Thomas Leavitt

It's hard to see the parrots because they blend in with the trees. I have counted 6. How many can you see?

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