Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Alex's 87th email from Chile 4/16/12

Elder Wardell & Elder Leavitt

Hola familia!!

I am sitting here not very sure about how I should feel about Sarah´s engagement. I feel very strange and have mixed emotions the main thing keeping me together is what you said mom about Dad´s feelings. I always wanted to interview the guy first and when I get back he is still going to have my blessing first. Also it's weirding me out I am going to be the only single in the family.

 A place in my sector

But besides that I am doing Great!! So this week has been just awesome. It's weird,  we feel like we are working so hard and nothing is coming out of it and just when we are getting tired God just shows us just how much he really is watching over and caring for us and we see blessing galore. Macarena Is doing awesome, we taught her the last lesson she needs tithing this week and then the next day she calls us and says, "Elders I am ready for baptism, I have a testimony I know it's all true now please just focus on Heraldo." He is her ex-communicated boyfriend. He is coming back to the church but is having problems smoking etc. Also they live together and he is scared of marriage for past reasons and so Macarena wants to be baptized so bad they are seperating!! She is awesome.

The Chilean weather is starting to go bi polar on me. It can be cold one day and just blazing hot the next. It's rediculous. I just want the cold to come already. Also Elder Wardell and I are trying something new. Well we have been trying to work super hard with the ward and it is going over well. We printed off a list of the converts over the last 10 years, 150 in total, and we have been hunting them down this entire week. We have actually have seen some pretty good success from it as well. We have been talking with people who have been inactive for years. And we have found like 3 new investigators in families who have been inactive for awhile. The cool thing is is that all are converts and you can remind them of the feelings they once had. That or they never had a testimony and it just makes you super sad to see how far someone can fall after baptism.

It's funny, remember how I told you how this sector is super wealthy in comparison to my past sectors? Well aparently the people notice I have a flaite background. Everyone says the way I talk and my mannerisms are ghetto or flaite jaja I thought it was funny.

and this family was just stunned because this cat doesn't like anybody and attacks everyone but it just came in jumped on me and fell asleep jajaja

Well awesomeness! On Friday we had a zone conference but a special one. We all went to the temple to do a session with President and Hermana King. It was awesome!!!!! I love the temple. We also had a guess speaker from the temple presidency talk to us and was given the theme from President and guess what it was? Marraige. This guy and Hermana King were all pounding marraige on us. Holy smokes between them and the general authorities it sounds like if I don't get married soon I am sinning. But dont worry i am not marriage crazy yet jajaja. But it was tight. Something weird hit me the while I was there it was my last zone conference! And I was asked to say my goodbye testimony!! I got up there and just blanked. I was like "oh no I am going home", and was just rushed with things to say. It probably sounded weird. ahhh

Elder Leavitt in front of the Santiago Temple
Zone Conference

In the picture the other lady is Hermana Denisse she is awesome and helped us alot. Yes mom it was Carolina and part of her family from la Islita and Marcos is from Carlos Valdovinos Elder Tognetti and I baptized his wife Caroline. Luckas is doing awesome he came to church last Sunday and if everything goes well should be having his baptismal interview next Sunday!!! We have been doing well with our contacts and news we found another 5 this week! The zone overall is a little down don't know what's up. We plan on visiting every sector before the change ends to talk to them all and see how we can help. Pdays normal we play soccer jaja and hymns if you can hi to kolob, be still my soul, and how great thou art. awesome!!

My sector 

Well family I love you guys and I can't wait to talk to you next week. Hope you are all good and I am praying for you daily :)

Con Mucho Amor

Elder Alex Leavitt

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