Friday, April 13, 2012

Alex's 86th email from Chile 4/9/12

I LOVE this picture of Elder Leavitt & Elder Wardell

Hola Familia!!

First things first, I am so tired jajaja but a good one we had an awesome week. So we started off strong this week. We set another baptismal date with a kid named Luckas. His mom is reactivating and we have been working withem alot. He is pretty solid and I am excited about it so we now have 2 fechas. Elder Wardell and I have been taking out the trash and are on the go always. We are working really well with the ward. We have alot of people always leavinbg with us to go on visits and what not and we have been making some cool plans and what not for the sector. We have the goal to baptize 5 people while we are together and so we just need to work and make it happen. This week we have been focusing alot on finding news so our teaching pool can grow and we had some good success we found 6 news and some are actually really good. So we are now having alot more people to teach which is way neat. Also while doing a ton of contacts we have found 3 inactive members and have been sharing with them and the 3 came to church this week!!! how cool is that! Also while doing a contact I had an awesome binding the tongues of anti christ moment. Well maybe not anti christ but anti mormon at least. I just started testifying to this guy attacking the church and he just goes silent. Then starts trying to say something else and I testify again litterally just ran out of things to say went quiet and walked away IT WAS SOO COOOL!!!  I totally didn't give the story justice but it was pretty awesome.
Elder Leavitt & his new companion Elder Wardell
All of Thursday I was in Concilio where the Zone Leaders go in and give a report of the zone and then talk about issues in the mission and try to resolve them. It is an all day affair and it was pretty cool. Also we recieve new incitaives and then later present them to the zone in zone meeting. It was way cool.

Zone meetings
Ok so remember when I told you I thought I had seen it all when I saw some chick peeing in the park?  Well now I have seen it all literally. The other day I saw a dude just pooping on the side of the street. Just bent over not even trying to hide out in the open pooping on the sidewalk it was sooo gross.

The ward is way cool and I got to meet alot of them this week. They all support the missionaries really well and I am excited to be here. I just have a ton of animo to work.
Alex saw Elder Garcia & Carolina & her family at transfers
 Some goodbyes before transfers. Here is Alex with Rocio.
Another goodbye

I don't know why there are no sister missionaries in my zone, and easter day was just normal nothing, special we had dinner with an inactive son and shared with him a little bit. The only different thing about this ward is that it is really wealthy area buena.. just compared to my other sectors I guess and it's not soo city it's more like suburb just pure houses and nothing else so alot to contact. Like in Republica there were lots of factories and what not in the sector. Here it's just pure houses. The picture of me on the map yes was a pday and we were at the mall and I saw it for the first time. Don't know why I hadn't seen it before. I was like "that is way cool. I want a picture." I have not been to the zoo :( I got your easter package last Wednesday mom thank you :) it arrived just in time. No the pension is nice, it is smaller but it is a nice apartment I like it. Elder wardell and I are doing some killer workout in the night and morning, jaja we want to look good for when we go home jaja so my abs hurt right now.
I think this is a cool picture
Well Family, I hope you are all doing awesome. I am doing Great happy, working hard and tired, but I am still glad to be here and have a little more time to do what I am suppose to do when I am suppose to be doing it :) Thanks for everything and all of your love and prayers.

Con Muchisimo Amor,

Elder Alexander Thomas Leavitt

Alex's companion has a voice recorder and Alex sent us a fun little message. 

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  1. Jaja! It was fun to read and hear Alex talking. Very funny that he and his comp are doing two-a-day workouts so they "look good when we go home." So Alex!