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Alex's 84th email from Chile 3/26/12

Several hours after I got Alex's email last week picture attachments came (his email from March 19th) Even though these pictures don't go with this weeks email I'm posting them anyway.

I have no idea where this is but it's a pretty cool picture

Hola Familia!

Well I am writing late because we had a change in the mission. Changes are now done on Mondays so I am now sitting here in my new sector with my new compañion Elder Wardell. You may have seen him before actually seeing that he was my zone leader in Talagante. Which leads me to the other part I have been made a zone leader crazy eh? It was a surprise for me too. Although I am just happy to be away from my companion. I have had a few things stolen from me including that memory adapter so I cannot send pictures this week. I will try and get one for next week sorry.

Elder Sosa, Elder Leavitt, Elder Brow

This week was good but sad. We had interviews this week with President King, always love those they were very good. But I had the call that I will have changes and saying goodbye to people sucks. Especially with Rocio. It was weird for me. I think that was the hardest goodbye I have ever had to do. I had been working with her since day 1 I got to Republica. Taught her everything, baptism, everything. She just had her interview Sunday to get her patriarchal blessing :) All Sunday she was just crying at church and when I said goodbye to her Sunday night. It was way hard for me. Especially when she was telling me how grateful she is that I was so persistent with her. If you don't remember it took us awhile to get in to teach her but I kept calling her like everyday to see how she was doing. She said it was because of me and my persistence that made the difference and I was a key factor in her baptism and the change she has had. She really focused on how much she has changed since being baptized and how happy she is. It was just soo awesome and the thing every missionary wants to hear. I am just so happy right now and tearing up writing this ( but dont worry I will hold in, plus I am in public) but it is this moment and this type of feeling that I love most in the mission. To know you have genuinly helped someone and have made the difference in their lives. I will never forget this and I am soo grateful to have chosen to serve a mission. I have honestly never been happier. I just wish every person, every youth could just know what difference it makes in the lives of a person to serve the Lord and feel these things and just know how much they gain instead of all the things they have to give up. I wish I understood that more clearly  before I left. This has seriously changed my life and my mind set on things. To be on the mission is to feel the pure love of Christ and I testify that it is the greatest thing that any person can feel. I am just happy :)

The rest of my goodbyes were good too not as hard as Rocio but they were great. I will miss the ward a ton. 6 months is a long time. It was during Rocios goodbye when the earthquake hit and it was actually an 8 pointer. It was cool. I didn't feel it at first everyone else was freaking out before I ever knew what was up. Things were swaying and moving it was fun personally. No one died, some minor damage to some stuff but you know normal. I didn't get my ties back but I don't care. I am just happy I am out of that mess. I got to see my three kids today and Elder Florez is pregnant. I am going to have my first grandson tomorrow. I am excited for him he is tight. I saw Elder Wilcox as well today he said you had lunch with him mom jaja. Also  he says everyone still talks about me especially some specific families that made me happy. OH! also Carolina and her family were at changes from Talagante! It was so cool to see them we ate lunch with them before doing internet. They are going to ask President King if I can baptize Rafeal her husband, well actually partner, she finally got divorced and they are going to be getting married in a month and want me to bapptize him! It would soo cool if I could. These last few days have just been awesome! I am so happy. Abril and her family offered to take us to Maipu nice of them. From there Carolina took me to my new sector. I just feel loved and that my work has not been in vain. I am just so grateful right now. God knows what we need. I have been down about companion problems and then I just get blessed like crazy.

So like I said I am now in Los Cerrilos. It's close to Maipu. It's definitely the richest sector I have been in. I have añways been in the flaite sectors (ghetto) so it will be a change especially coming from the most dangerous sector in Chile so we will see. Still hot but at nights it is starting to get pretty dang cold.

Well family I am doing great! As you can all tell I will tell you how things go in my new sector I love you all and will talk to you next week.

Con Mucho Amor,

Elder Alexander Thomasl Leavitt

Fun pictures from the class Alex taught on having faith to invite people to be baptized. He described it in his email 3/19/12.
I can see Elder Tognetti's head & forehead but it looks like he's not blindfolded. I think Elder Sosa is in front of him.

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