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Alex's 89th email from Chile 4/30/12

Entering my apartment.

Hola familia!!!

This week was but fantastic. It was really just amazing. So we have really been trying super hard to apply the vision of our mission to our sector. I don't know if I told you but about 2 weeks ago President King came out with the vision of our mission which is to change our mind set to that which is based on the memebrs. That we cannot work or do the missionary work without the support of our ward and the members in it.  So since then we have been based and focused on less actives and active members more than anything else. And this week we just had but such amazing success. Basically our goal as a compaƱionship is to reach our goal of new investigators everyweek not through or own ways like contacting and what not, but through the members like references or part member families things like that. Well this week we only did 7 contacts (like the least I have done in my mission) but we had 7 News!! It was awesome.

We have been teaching a ton as a companionship. We are having more than 20 lessons everyweek 20 lessons is the standard of excellence for the mission and we are doing better than that everyweek. We are really trying to work hard and finish strong Elder Wardell goes home 2 changes after I do.  Have I mentioned Fabio before? He is an inactive kid we have been working with and now his girlfriend Jennifer is listening to us! SHE IS AMAZING!!! He had an amazingly spiritual lesson with her yesterday where she thanked us at the end of the lesson, because she said she has come to the point in her life where is looking for the truth and she feels like she is doing that through meeting with us, she is just awesome. But it is also helping Fabio re-find his testimony and he is doing awesome and now has the enthusiasm to come back through our visits. Also we are working with an inactive lady named Cicilia. She has been inactive for like 4 years and she came to church on sunday with her 8 yr old grandson Cristofer. We are teaching him as well! That is actually a sad story, Cristofer's mom abandoned him and his dad doesn't have time to really care for him, so now he is clinically depressed and has tried commiting suicide, an 8 yr old I was just shocked. Well the Hermana has been down doesn't know what to do, so we told her come back to church. It's excactly what you and he needs to feel the spirit have that direction in your life and get your strength back. Well she agreed with us and she came and brought Cristofer it was soo cool to see them there.

Plaza de Armas - The Plaza de Armas (Plaza of Arms) is the name for the main square in many Latin American cities. Most cities constructed by the Spanish Conquistadores were designed on a standard military fashion based on a grid pattern, taken from the Roman Castrum, of which one of the blocks would be left vacant to form the Plaza de Armas. It is often surrounded by governmental buildings, churches, and other structures of cultural or political significance. The name derives from the fact that this would be a refuge in case of an attack upon the city, from which arms would be supplied to the defenders.

One of the coolest things that happened this week was that Rocio and her Mom came to my ward to suprise me! Her mom didn't have the chance to say goodbye to me and wanted that closure jajaja she said I really marked a difference in her life and the life of her family and wanted to thank me and said she is working hard to come back to church now to support Rocio. It was soo cool to see them.

I heard David Archuleta is going to Concepcion, but I don't really know. The masks from my birthday are not typical they just had random masked jaja. We haven't done anything different for p-day just soccer I want to go to the zoo so we will see what happens. The parrots are seasonal birds they come like at the end of summer time and leave when winter kicks in full force. Luckas is good doing great, and Macarena and Heraldo are good the same she is awesome! Something new it rained last week but like crazy we got soaked it was way fun but today its hot Chile just needs to choose already whats it's going to do.

This beautiful plaza traces back to Pedro de Valdivia and the year 1541, constitutes the center of Santiago. In that era there was a protected area in the middle for guarding the arms. Its name was taken from the military and has been called that ever since. All distances in the country are measured from this spot today. The beautiful surroundings of the park hold the history of the country, represented by important buildings such as the Real Audiencia and the Home of the Governors of Chile. The city's Cathedral is located on one of the sides. 

 The equestrian statue of Pedro de Valdivia, founder of Santiago.

Well Family I am doing great! I am happy, working hard and really trying to focus in on the stuff I can do to make a difference before my time runs out. Elder Wardell is funny and is always like guess what you are going to be in your house in 7 weeks and stuff like that, but really we are focused and working really hard because we both want to end this the right way. I love you and will talk to you next week.

Con Mucho Amor,

Elder Alex Leavitt

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