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Alex's 85th email from Chile 4/2/12

Thank you Rocio for posting this on facebook :)
Elder Tognetti's compaion, Elder Tognetti, Rocio's Mom, Elder Leavitt, Rocio & Elder Tlatelpa

Hola Familia!!!

So this week was cool but very tiring. Elder Wardell and I have been working like crazy. We didn't have outstanding numbers but we did work and were on the go the whole time. The stinky thing is that a ton of our appointments fell threw. My sector is really big! It is going to take me awhile to get my sector down and know where I am going. After a week I feel like I am stll lost. But it's all good I still have time. The ward is big. The biggest one I have been in. In other words this sector and this ward is nothing close to which I have had before. The bishop works our ward mission leader helps us we get references everything is working it's rediculous. The leaders like me because I have lots of ideas but the ward is good. I really don't know many people because we had conference and with the whole Stake there it is kinda hard to meet everyone. The only bummer thing is that last week we have been walking around a lot and it has been one of the hottest weeks I have felt ugh! But ya we are working hard and we set a baptismal date this last week with a lady named Macarena. She is solid, smart and is progressing went to the conference and liked it. Also we have two other prospects of people who could get baptized here in a little so we are getting excited. I just really want to go out swinging you know?

The zone is good.  Elder Wardell has been here for only one change before I got here. In Los Cerrillos there are no sisters just 12 elders. We only have one companionship that is giving us trouble besides them the rest are solid. There are only 2 elders in my zone I knew before I got here Elder Wardell and Elder Dahl. So I am getting to know the rest. We played soccer today for pday it was fun. Everyone here are very quiet except Elder Dahl and I. I will try and bring a little flavor into everything but who knows. As terms as Being a zone leader I am still kinda learning.  Elder Wardell does most of it. Really it is actually less work than DL from what I can see we just make sure everything runs smoothly and directs meetings, easy money.

In my pension its us two, Elder Belmar from Concepcion, Chile and Elder Lopez from Honduras I think. I didn't get the easter package yet and Conference was awesome!!! I loved it so many good talks. I don't know which one I liked best. It would probably be between Packer, Holland, Uchtdorf with his ¨stop it¨ or Ballard which made me want to get married :) but not yet jajaja. But really it was an excellent conference. Everyone and I mean everyone was talking about the family and faith. That was the trend I saw and understood. Elder Sosa had changes and is with Elder Wilcox in Malloco!!! They will have a blast together.

Well family Hopefully next week I will write a better letter. I feel like I didn't have much to write about this week. I love you all so much and I need an adapter to send pictures, or if you just want me to wait for 3 months to show you. You can choose but at this point I need to buy one. Luckily we got money today. I love you guys and will talk to you next week.

Con Mucho Amor,

Elder Leavitt

p.s. forgive my letters shortness I was kinda rushed. Also I have a special request if you could give grandpa shaw a special invitacion from me to be at my homecoming. It would mean alot to me if he was there.

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