Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Alex's 83rd email from Chile 3/19/12

The Birthday Boy at one of his birthday celebrations.

Hola Familia,

So this was a good week. It’s weird to me to still think I am 21. More than that to think I only have 2 changes left transfers are this next week. This week was insane. So on Tuesday I had to go for a third time to do the stuff for me carnet!! Someone messed up and I had to go do it again! Then that same night I had another birthday party haha. Everyone wanted to have a birthday party or do something for me. 

I did 2 divisions this week. I went out with Elder Sosa so this week just flew by!! On Wednesday I gave an awesome class. It was on having faith to invite people to be baptized. I started out blind folding everyone walking around the chapel and eventually up onto the stage and had them fall off backwards into the arms of the other district. It was tight. Then we talked about faith and how we were called to baptize and how we need to have faith that we will be blessed with success. It was cool.

So I am kind of hoping to have changes a couple things have gone down. So I had my birthday right? Well I came home with cake and that same night it was all gone. I asked everyone in our apartment who ate it and no one fessed up. To me the cake does not matter, it’s that someone is lying to me. It’s like “come on we are all missionaries why would you lie?” now I am missing some ties and once again no one says anything. I am just done and need to get out of this pension. Luckily it’s one week.

(These are answers to some of my questions) But yes my birthday was awesome. I got a present that I just have no idea how I am going to get it home. Someone gave me a huge pot but one clay pot famous to Chile filled with cups and bowls and what not. The present you guys sent was awesome! I loved it.  It was tight to hear from some people I haven’t heard from since before the mission. Abril is doing awesome she is legit.

OK familia next week I will tell you if I have changes or not. I love you all so much and talk to you later.

Con Mucho Amor,

Elder Alex Leavitt
This made me smile and a little teary :)

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