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Alex's 45th email from Chile 6/27/11

Alex in La Islita

Hola Familia!

So this week was an excellent week. So I have come to realize the majority of my mission has come to involve working in dead sectors and working with in-actives so they will come back to church.  Well this sector is nothing different.  We have a new community in our sector that opened up about a month ago. Well we have been doing a lot of contacting in this new sector and we have found at least 4 different families of in-actives in there so far.  We have appointments with them for this week.

As you guys know Elder Florez doesn't have much time in the mission and we talk a lot obviously and I could tell he was down and a little.  Sad about not having much success in this sector and in his mission thus far.  I like making dumb analogies and metaphors and I told him "Elder Florez, don't worry, miracles are like earthquakes.  The longer you go without one the bigger the next one is."  I was quite proud of that one.  I think it is awesome and i will probably use it again at some point.  
We had an awesome miracle this week. Our earthquake hit while doing contacts.  We knocked a house and a lady comes out.  We start contacting her when she cuts me off and says "Elder I have been a member of the church for over 10 years now."   Turns out she has been inactive for a little bit now. She wants to come back to church and has 2 kids 10 and 9 and they want to be baptized!  She also has like a (boyfriend husband) type person.  They have been together for 5 years and have a baby together.  He also wants to be baptized but they need to get a divorce and get married.  But we basically have two baptisms that will be coming up in the next month or so!  How awesome is that!  Elder Florez is super happy and excited again.

Oh I got your package this week it was awesome! (I'm seriously in shock at how fast he got that.  I really don't know how that happened.)  Thanks for the gloves definitely needed.  Thank grandma for me for the chocolate that did not last long.  The Utah pillow case is sooo legit and I love the shirt  Sarah thank you :) 
So this Sunday we were walking to church and the grass had a ton of frost on it and Elder Florez started flippin out he has never seen anything like that in his life and all the puddles from the recent rain were frozen.  He was having so much fun playing with the ice and the deeper puddles breaking through the ice to get to the water.  It was like watching a little kid.  I thought it was super funny.  Also the other day funny story.  I was on the mitgro (bus) and the mitgro stops and a frickin dog gets on alone without any person or anything stays on for a couple stops and then gets off by itself.  It was so funny.  I was quite impressed that he knew where he was going.

My toe is fine it doesn't hurt to work anymore and I haven't been playing soccer which makes me sad but its all good.  I gave you my cell number to give to Mahonry.  Tell that fool to come see me.  (A dear friend of ours will be in Chile on business in Santiago. If Alex were still serving there he would definitely take Alex & Elder Florez out for lunch.  It will be about an hour for him to get where Alex is and he may be pressed for time so it may not happen. We are crossing our fingers it does :)
La Islita 1 is going fine just tough work but we are making good of it.  That branch is slowly progressing.  We have some good electric heaters in the pension.  We just stay upstairs and only go down stairs for necesary trips (food).   I know nobody is working today and school is out today.  I didn't know why though maybe it's that. I have eaten alot of fish on the mission and I love it. I am in Job in the Bible if you wanted to know -  like 800 some odd pages.

Well that is crazy Sarah has started college.  I cannot wrap my head around it.  She will do awesome. I love you guys and I will talk to you next week.


         Elder Alex Leavitt
P.S. One of Alex's friends commented on his post a couple of weeks ago.  She said there is a really famous Chilean folk song about Lonquen (Alex mentions tracting there and has a picture of himself in front of a road sign with the name.  I posted it in his blog June 18th.  She said it's very sad but beautiful.  It is called "El Lazo" by Victor Jara.  She sent us the Youtube link.  Here it is: 

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