Monday, June 20, 2011

Alex's 44th email 6/20/11

Make sure you scroll down to the bottom so that you can see a very interesting picture that was included in an extra little email Alex sent.

Hola Familia!!

Well winter has definitely kicked in here in Chile.  There is snow on the mountains and it has rained the last 3 days. I gave in and bought myself some super dumb looking ear warmers that all the missionaries have here.  I think they look ridiculous but they really work, so ya I swallowed my pride and now I am enjoying nice warm ears.  This week was good but slow in terms of the work.  But before I get into that I wanted to say HAPPY FATHERS DAY DAD!!  I didn't want to forget.

Tuesday we had our district meeting.  Like usual we went out to work and taught an English lesson.  I have a group of people here who want my help with English.  Also my companion Elder Florez our first day together told me he wants to learn english. So I told him if he does what I say he will learn English and he understands everything now. In comp study I make him do it in English.  All the prayers he does them in English and Tuesday night I told him I had a surprise for him the next day that had to do with english. The next day we had interviews with President King. I went first cause I am senior companion.  We had an awesome interview.  We talked about faith and how to work with the leadership of our branch.  We ended our interview and before we left I asked President if he could do me a favor and ask Elder Florez to give the prayer in English. I explained how I had been teaching him and how he is a stud in English now and only needs to get over his fear of sounding dumb.  So we leave, Florez goes in and I am sitting outside when I hear "Fricking Elder Leavitt!!"  I started laughing so hard.  After Elder Florez tells me that President was super happy he was learning English said his prayer was so good that his next interview they have will be in English!  I was so stoked for him.

So I finished a year this past week.  Crazyness and it made me think alot of what President King said that the mission is the University of Life. Here we see the lives of all different types of families and people.  We are constantly everyday interacting with hundreds of people.  Here in the mission we see and learn what type of people we want to become.  What attributes of and the best of people we want to adapt into our future lives in our future character. I was like "hey that's so true." I have seen and learned so much. I have talked to the bum on the street to the man with a fatty mansion. This past year has been amazing and I wouldn't trade it for anything.

I got Elder Yous wedding invite on Tuesday.  He got married on the 18th how crazy is that?? This week we didn't have too many lessons but we have started really hard trying to get our leaders to work with us.  We met with our Branch President like 3 times this last week to get some ideas on how we could get the members and everyone more involved. Elder Florez got sick with the flu so we didn't leave for like 2 days but he is good now and we are ready to work this next week.

With this new change we got some more greenies in the mission and on the list I saw a name that looked familiar.  There is a Elder Wilcox.  Didn't you say you knew him? The Volcano didn't affect La Islita at all.  I heard the majority of the ash and what not went into Argentine. I am no longer on bikes.  My sector is tiny now, well not tiny tiny, I woud say it's a little bigger than Lo Ovalle. Ya I am positive I can be at the baptism of Camilo and Hugo and I still get to see everyone at church so its not too bad.  Just sucky I can't visit and teach them anymore.   The district has 6 missionaries and 2 hermanas the zone has 14 in total.  Our zone is legit.  Today I was named king of the zone in ping pong.  I destroyed everyone.  To go to a meeting it takes about a half hour to go to Talagante. Fathers Day was normalish with the exception of them saying anything at church but everyone had parties and what not.  The mission now has a new mailing address so you guys can know and if you could tell other people it is:

Mision Chile Santiago Oeste 
Casilla 149, av. pajaritos 1229
Maipu, Chile

Well guys I love you all and hope you are all doing awesome and I will talk to you next week.

con mucho amor,

Elder Alex Leavitt

so I had to send you this picture.  My entire mission I have had missionaries telling me dad looks like Elder Cook. Elder Merchan took this foto I guess when I wasn't there and sent it to me today in an email.  I guess its true jajaja.  So I had to send it to you guys.  I think it's hilarious.

Elder Cook & Fred

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