Monday, July 4, 2011

Alex's 46th email from Chile 7/4/11

 Alex & Elder Florez

Hola familia!!!

This week was awesome. In case you guys didn't know every mission has a standard of excellence. Ours is like to have a baptism every month, 20 combined lessons every week, and a 140 contacts every week, and to find 8 new investigators every week.  Well my story is about the 140 contacts. I have never ever even come close to have 140 contacts in a week in my mission.  Well this week one of our companionship goals Elder Florez and I set was to meet that standard of excellence. All of this was sparked by an email from President King I got last Monday that said he was happy with my progress and such but I need to become a master of contacts.  To reach that you would have to do at least 20 contacts everyday. Only problem is to do that is takes a long time to do and gets in the way of appointments. Well, loong story short we finished the week with 142 contacts, found 9 new investigators and a ton of in-actives that have just moved into our sector.  It has been an amazing week. 
I have told you once they have built a new community in my sector with a 1200 new houses.  Well I am pretty sure every catholic in Chile has moved into this new area.  How we know is that one, every house that is Catholic there is a fatty sticker of Christ that says the Lord has entered into my house.  Basically saying it has been blessed by a Catholic priest. Literally every other house has one of these stickers. But that didn't influence anything we still offered house blessings and contacted them as usual.  Only sad thing is most of the time they don't even listen to us they say they are Catholic and go back inside.  Generally the Evangelicos listen more.

From all of those contacts and just working super hard this week with Elder Florez I think we have brought a little more life into our sector.  We have more people to teach, actually have some investigators that are progressing, and I am starting to enjoy my time here in La Islita a little more. Elder Florez told me that this has been his favorite week while he has been in the mission.  He has given me a ton of compliments this week.  Biggest one when we were in the house the other day he said "Elder Leavitt I know you are only my second companion, but I think you are going to be my favorite companion of the mission."  It was awesome. I am going to miss him.  I am close to a hundred percent positive he will have changes in a couple weeks.

Here in South America the Copa America has started up. During game hours the work basically just stops. Especially tonight because Chile plays against Mexico at 8.  We will see. I have a sweet little card that has all the times of all the games where I can fill in the scores of all the games. People are surprised when they find out how much I do like soccer. Last week we had a Family home evening with a family and I learned how to make Chilean tortilla!  Basically bread without levantura (risening).  I don't know what it is in English anymore sorry. Also it has gotten so cold here!  I leave and at the nights I am honestly wearing like 5 layers of clothing.

Alex & Elder Florez making 'Pan'
Yes Mom I totally remember singing "I'm Glad To Be An American".  I love that song and today I was actually singing that song all day.  That song still makes me a little teary eyed when I sing it, love that song.  Today for the 4th of July we had a bbq hamburgers and hotdogs and played basketball. I played basketball and my toe is fine so I think I am completely healed now. so I will be playing soccer again which makes me happy.  

 Alex all bundled up.
The new family is doing great they are awesome.  We found a ton of people this week and some of them are super legit.  We will see which ones progress though. Camilo and Hugo haven't been in town for the last 2 weeks.  They have been visiting the south to say goodbye to some family before Camilo heads off into the military. He should get baptized here soon. The District and zone are good its a fun zone. I haven't gotten anything form the Kooymans and know you hadn't said anything about that yet.  About food we just realized that the house where are chapel is has an avocado tree out back so us four missionaries took a ton of avocados haha.  In the bible I am at Psalms like 80 something like 1000 pages in. I need like 500 more to finish the old testament.  I am stoked. 

Well this week has been an excellent one for me.  I feel really good about the work I have been doing. Although at times it isn't the coolest thing to be sent to areas that doesn't have much to work with it can be one of the most rewarding feelings to see things just turn around. I can feel this area starting to pick up this last week we have more ¨Miracle Earthquakes¨ And I am just so grateful to my Father in Heaven for always guiding his missionaries and always being there for me in my mission. Helping me when I am getting down to pick up my excitement again and get back to work. This year has gone by so fast and I know its because I have just been working. This sector so far has been the hardest for me by far but I have learned the most here about patience, diligence, obedience, working hard and just pushing forward until you can see those blessings from God  that come to those who are doing all they can. I love the mission. Well guys I will talk to you all next week. 

Con Mucho Amor,
                           Elder Alexander Thomas Leavitt

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