Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Alex's 47th email from Chile 7/11/11

Hola Familia!!!

This week just flew by for me and Elder Florez.  So lets start at the beginning. First off Mom happy birthday!!!!!!  I just want you to know I love you and that I had your birthday written down in things to say before I read your email and you talked about it. So I hope it was amazing. On Tuesday Chile dominated Mexico so I am happy to say that to Ben and Brandon. Justin, Argentina is terrible this year.  I don't know why but they are just getting dominated in the Copa America.  So I am proud to say to those of us who served Latin missions in our family my country is the best! haha So to answer your question mom, Chile right now is in first place in their group they play Peru tomorrow who are in second.  So if they win they will stay number 1 and have a number 1 seed in the playoffs.  If not they will land number 2 and have a number 2 seed.  I am stoked!  
On Wednesday we had a sweet zone conference with President King. It was all focused on MIT the Most Important Thing. Our mission has focused alot on that.  That all of our lessons and teachings should in the end come back around and be focused on the most important thing, which is the eternal Life, and the holy ghost. That all of the doctrine of Christ, his atonement for us, this Gospel, we have all of this so that one day we can all participate in the Eternal Life, live with God, Jesus Christ and our families forever. So it was cool. 

This week we had another sweet Miracle Earthquake. Hey Mom do you remember that awesome family we found after the mothers day call? Well they moved into this new community last week! More awesome, right next door to our new ones from the other week who want to be baptized and they are actually related!  So now we just teach them all together!! It's so cool!  On Thursday or Friday, now I can't remember, but Mahonry called me like you already know.  It was so cool to hear from him.  At first he called me and obviously I didn't know who it was cause it was just some random number.  We were talking in Spanish and I was like "who am i talking to to?" Mahonry said "how do you not know who you are talking to?"  I said "cause the number doesn't have a name."  Then in English Mahonry was like "come on dude its me!"  It was so cool to talk to him for just a little bit.  Cool to talk to him in Spanish a little bit too.

This week we taught a few of our news (I keep correcting this and putting 'new ones' in but thought I'd leave this one here & the rest in the text for you to see how he writes) from last week.  We found 7 more news this week.  In the Bible I finally finished Psalms and I am in proverbs.  No Mom I am fine with warmth.  I have enough sweaters and what not thanks. During the games and everything Chile shuts down.  It's insane.  There is really no point being out in the streets cause you are not going to get into any house whatsoever.  Especially because Chile is playing super good this year. Something cool I found out.  There are a ton of Subsole plants here.  You know how the majority of bananas in the states are subsole?  I am willing to bet they are from Chile.  That and whatever grapes you got. Also funny story this past week .  The Jehovah Witnesses knocked our door. You should have seen their faces when 4 missionaries came out and started talking to them.  We had a sweet conversation for a good 10 to 15 minutes until they felt like we were actually doing the preaching instead of them. But it was super legit.

Well family I love you all. hope you are doing awesome and being safe. Talk to you next week.  I am off to go learn how to play tennis! Chau!!


            Elder Alex Leavitt

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