Thursday, March 1, 2012

Alex's 80th email from Chile 2/27/12

Elder Leavitt & Elder Sosa

Hola Familia!!

Hey Mom really quick, if you could do me a favor Elder Sosa wants to try and apply to BYU and wants to know what he needs to do for all of that.

This week was good. All I have to say is I am soo tired and soo hot! I started out by doing divisions with Elder Sosa where we talked alot about goals and plans in our lives and like I mentioned just earlier he really wants to study at BYU and he speaks English and understands everything super well. We had a good time on divisions. We  had another really good week we are just trying to find some people that will progress. We really don't have anyone solid at this point. We find alot of people and they meet with us and what not but just no one is really progressing.

Alex's companion Elder Tlatelpa

I did my carnet this week and it took us all day. Hey, when I was doing that I talked alot with an Elder Strong. I have talked with him before and have been in the same zone before but we talked alot today and we are both from Canada. And like from the same parts so I was going to ask you guys if you know any Strongs. The weather has been weird which means it is getting ready to go into fall but we still lack a little bit before it changes. It was cooler for like 3 days but then yesterday it was sooo hot. There is no O-Zone layer here and it littleraly hurts to be in the sun. No joke it physically hurts me to be outside you burn in minutes if you don't have sunscreen.  On Saturday we had a cosechon in my sector where all the missionaries come and do contacts for like 2 hours. I went to La Legua with Elder Adlish and we did us some contacts and we found 6 news. Also we witnessed an Evangelical baptism. They were at the public pool and were baptizing like 10 people. There was crazy music and everything it was pretty tight. I officially decided that I need to whiten my teeth when I get home. I don't know if I am just peranoid or if I really need it. The people here just in general don't take care of their teeth.

I have no idea what this smoke is from but Alex was obviously taken with it since he took three pictures.

About the carnet you do it once a year so twice in the mission. About the trees we noticed it and they were stealling the smaller palm trees jaja. I am still in the same ward in Carlos Valdovinos and I was over the two sectors 1 ward with Elder Tognetti now we are sperated again. We have already gone back to La Legua. Yes jaja Tlatelpa is an aztec name. Yes and he has aztex disendents. I don't understand all the words but I understand what they are saying and what it is talking about. The couple with the fecha is there just slow it will be a little bit before they get baptized. So big news I got both the packages this past week so thank you for that.  Elder Sosa says thanks for sending so much stuff for everyone between Christmas and now this.

I have no idea what this picture is of.

So it's weird to think about that at the end of this change I will have the time Elder You my trainer had when I had just gotten to Chile. To look back at who I was then and who I am now and how I have changed. President has said it, you guys have said it, and I can see it how the mission has changed me and my life. And for the better. I am so thankful for the decision I have made to follow the councel of the Profet and of my Parents in serving this mission. My knowledge of the Gospel has grown more than I could have imagined where now I feel truth in the words of Alma when he said the word of God spoken with authority is more powerful and convincing than the sword, and I have seen the difference and change that takes place in the hearts of those that embrace the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I am just so happy and could have never imagined what blessing I was going to recieve from being here serving in this calling. They always say that your greatest convert is yourself, I had a testimony before the mission but it has grown to the point that I know I will never abandon it.  I know so clearly and I am so sure that the this is the church of God. This is his Kingdom. I love this Gospel so much it has given me everything. In short the mission has changed my life forever. I just need to end strong and give it everything I have, the time is short that I have to work and prepare myself for the rest opf my life. Like President King said the mission is the university of life how we work here and achieve here is how we will work and what we will achieve afterwards. I am just so gratefull and so happy to be here and serve our Lord and Savior.

OK guys I love you so much and will talk to you next week.

Elder Alex Leavitt

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