Thursday, March 15, 2012

Alex's 82nd email from Chile 3/12/12

Elder Leavitt & Elder Tlaptea

Hola Familia!!

Well I definitely feel loved. I have had soo many families in the ward throwing little parties for me haha. Ok but starting from the beginning, we have a new iniciative in our mission, to teach the doctrine of the family. I don’t know if I have told you but here the family is being attacked hard here. Everyone is separated illegally and just living with one another even if both people are married to other people it is not uncommon. That’s why it is also super hard to baptize families, because the parents always are co living and need to be divorced. Well we are now focusing on the families and teaching theire importance. It’s a cool iniciative.

I also had 3 meetings this week; district meeting, a special capacitation meeting, and a leadership meeting to sum it all up. I am a little wiped out from lots of classes. This week we also set a baptismal date with Abril! So we are excited and working with her now a lot. This last week there was also a crazy weird thunder storm. We didn’t get any rain. I wanted it but we saw all the lightning and thunder it was cool. It is sooo hot here.

I felt bad. I gave a baptismal interview this week and didn’t pass her. I just felt like she needed a stronger testimony the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith so I told them to focus on that and we will have another interview here in a little bit more. Then Sunday I had a little birthday party with Abril and all of her family. Today Rocio invited me over and has a surprise for me. Luis and his family have a surprise for me and tomorrow the Hermana Denisse says she has something planned for me. I feel special.

Today we played on the big field of Abrils family against La Cisterna. It was fun. I forgot my camera :( but ya.

Abril is doing awesome. When she comes to church usually just one of her sisters comes but we are trying and working on trying to get all of them. Like I told you I am having lots of birthday dinners. I won’t lie it’s been way hard to fast once a week. It’s been soo hot I need water!!! I will try and get a picture. They chill in the tops of the big trees and it’s hard to get a big picture.

Well family I love you all and I hope you have a great week and I will talk to you later.

Con Mucho amor,

Elder Alex Leavitt

I am 21 thats insane!!

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