Thursday, March 8, 2012

Alex's 81st email from Chile 3/5/12

Hola Familia!!

Buena, this week was a good one. I started out doing divisions with Elder Ciccio an Elder from Italy it was cool. Also school has started so all the uniforms are out and about and people are starting to return from vacations slowly. Along with all of that the parrots have come back singing just that time of year.

It's been a little difficult latley. We are not having much success, although we are finding people people let us in we teach them one or 2 times and they die off. Just no one is progressing. It's especially hard for me because now I have been here almost 6 months now changes are ending here in 2 weeks.

Now that I have complained a little I can be normal. The bright side is I am a Missionary, over all I am happy. I have been blessed with an awesome companion, of the bright spots in the sector; the converts I do have are active and strong. Rocio is amazing and we have found the most bomb 7 yr old in the world. Her name is Abril, she turns 8 in April and wants to be baptized so bad she is sooo tight.  We found an inactive family this past week contacting. We never knocked the house before because they live in a soccer stadium more like field. So there really is not a door. But ya we found them the parents are not members and are actually lesbians and they have 5 daughters all baptized excepts Abril. We have been working with them and they came to church Sunday. Abril loved it and everyone fell in love with her. She was telling the whole world how she is going to be getting baptized the next month and everything. She makes me happy and gives me more energy. She came at just the right time.

Also it was really sad, I had gotten close to an inactive family and they trust me alot. The other day we went by and just started crying asking me for help. Their daughter decided that she was lesbian and they just didnt know what to do. It was just so sad watching these adults crying asking me some 20 yr old kid for help. I had no idea what to do. We shared some scriptures about how God is aware of our situation and how he is always there for help, and that the best way they could help their daughter was to be good examples; start reading and praying again, going to church, and over time she will take notice and hopefully feel the need for a change as well. It's tough.

The smoke was some big fire in my sector the other week (I asked about last weeks pictures) . Dari is good just been busy lately and not able to leave with us. The contacts in La Legua is a sad story. We went by this past week to teach them and the Lady comes out and says she was talking with her pastor about us and he just blew up on her. Said she was sinning for talking to us how we don't believe in Christ and how she needs to repent for having let us into her home. It sucked. So she said she wasn't allowed to share with us anymore.

No I still have a lot of toothpaste thanks.(Another answer to a question)

Well family I am positive things will pick up here in a little bit. I am always praying for you and I will talk to you later.

Con Mucho Amor,

Elder Alexander Leavitt

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