Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Alex's 54th email from Chile 8/29/11

The picture says it all!!!

Hola Familia!!!!

This week was awesome. Me and Elder Garcia work a lot. Carolina and her kids who were baptized were out of town so they didn't get confirmed, but hey they asked me to do the confirmations this Sunday! So it will be my first time in my whole mission to do one.
 Elder Garcia, Alex, Elder Merchan & Elder Hall

I guess if you were paying attention I just gave it away that I don't have changes. So that means that I am going to finish training Elder Garcia for another change and then leave. But I kinda knew already that I wasn't going to have changes. President King told me once that he wanted me to finish Training earlier in the change at one of our meetings. But Elder Hall has changes so our pension is sad because we all got along crazily. I will miss him but the pension is going to receive another greenie, Elder Merchan is going to train. So basically I had to call my whole branch to tell them I didn't have changes, no one wanted me to leave. Some were actually crying at the thought that I might leave. 
 Alex the new tennis wonder!

Man I am blanking on what to write I am so tired haha. We were up late last night helping Elder Hall, and we just got done playing tennis. Hey by the way i should have played tennis in highschool by the way I am not too bad. It's way freaking fun I didn't loose once today, just way fun. 

So yesterday I had a really cool experience. We were with a family that we have reactivated so they always want us to come over and feed us. They love us. But the Mom asked me if I could give her a blessing of health. Of course I said yes. So I was giving her the blessing and I just felt like it wasn't because she was sick and that the blessing was for another reason and she just wasn't telling me. Well I started talking a ton about the Holy Ghost and how if we live worthily it can help us be stronger and over come obstacles and challenges in our lives and stuff like that. Well turns out I was right because at the end of the blessing she was bawling and turns out her and the Husband had had a huge fight earlier that morning. So I don't know, it's just cool to feel inspired and what not. Its not something you feel everyday you know, just shows the power of blessings. 
 Elder Leavitt, Elder Garcia & young women from the branch?

So as you know already I don't have changes, Elder Garcia is progressing. He is just learning, we will get there. We have another kid of a less active family we are teaching and actually has a baptismal date!!! so here in this change we should have another baptism so we are excited about that. It was freezing this week as usual, it actually rained the last two days and hailed a little yesterday. Today though the sun appears to be out so that is good haha. In the bible I am in Ezequiel 5 I think but I finished Jeremiah!! woop!

Well family I love you all and hope you are doing all good. I will see if I can send an email with some pictures to you guys. CHAU!!!

Con Mucho Amor,

Elder Alex Leavitt

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