Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Alex's 52nd email from Chile 8/15/11

Alex, Elder Hall, & Elder Merchans

Hla Familia!

This week was great! We played alot of soccer today.  I really do love soccer.  But ya this last week though really was fantastic. On tuesday President King and the assistents came to our district meeting.  Funny story, all of the companionships brought something to eat afterwards like juice chips cookies whatever ya? and during the meetings someone came into the chapel and stole all of the food we had bought!!!  I was not happy but I was like whatever. After Elder Hall and I had division and it was fun to work in my old sector and visit some families there in La Islita 2.  Also during the week we had recieved a reference about an inactive guy whos wife and son are not baptized. So we went by and taught them and now his son has a baptismal date!! and the mom said she is willing be be baptized but more down the line of teaching and everything she will commit.  So basically we are going to be having 2 more baptisms on top of what we already have planned so we are really excited about that.

Speaking of baptisms Mark, Sebastian, and Marion are getting baptized this Sunday!!! We are stoked! I am going to baptize Mark, Elder Garcia Sebastian, and Elder Merchan Marion. I am really excited.  It was Elder Merchans birthday yesterday so Carolina and all of them threw a party and we had an awesome Asado!!!  I love Churripan. Hey Mom, speaking of Elder Merchans birthday his parents sent him some Barcelona Jerseys and he gave me one.  It is awesome and I told him I would give him one of my basketball practise jerseys so in my next package you send off can you put one of those in there?? thank you! 

On friday we had our greenie meeting.  I understood alot more of it than my last one haha but it was cool.  It was all classes I have already had and we watched the Holland talk again which was cool.  The lunch was the best part. Hermana King made taco salad!!! Some sad news though, I was talking with Elder Diaz my companion when I was in Lo Ovalle, he told me that Juan our convert passed away not too long ago!! CRazyness I don't know why everyone is dying. 

But overall I am happy.  We are making progress in the sector.  We are helping German start his mission papers.  He told us last week he wants to go he is 25 and a stud. You might remember him from my last call home. Elder Garcia is progressing along and life is just great.  The weeks pass by way too fast.

Mark, Sebastian, and Marion are doing awesome and excited for the baptism. Jessica is slow, she is just lazy and doesn't want to complete with her commitments. When it rains hard the streets do flood and its annoying. Our dogs name is Sombra (Shadow). Ok so to explain the jersey, there are 3 main soccer teams in Chile.  I am Colo-Colo and their rival is La U or the U and they use the same U of Utah.  Now their colors are blue red and white. The jersey I have is a La U jersey but a practise jersey as you can see it is red black and white like Utah so I bought it haha. In the bible I finished Isaiah and I am in Jeremiah 10 or something like that.  Sunday night we had another meeting with Pres King making 3 times the last week I saw him but it was with all the leadership and missionaries in Talagante talking about the missionary work in the wards. It was cool.

Well family thats all I got for you all and hope you are all doing great!

Con Mucho Amor,

Elder Alex Leavitt

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