Monday, August 8, 2011

Alex's 51st email from Chile 8/8/11

This is my dog he follows me everywhere, to our appointments and waits for me outside of houses.

Alex actually put some comments with his pictures this week!!

Querido Famila,

This week was a good one. It's the weirdest feeling how fast the weeks go by now. I honestly feel like I was writing you guys two days ago and now I am searching my mind to think of things to write because it is all now starting to blur together but I will give it my best shot. 

This last week while playing soccer I got kicked in the face. It hurt so bad and actually broke skin but for the most part it is all healed up so no worries.  We started teaching a lady named Jessica.  It will take alot of work but I think she will progress. Her husband is an inactive member so it will be a good support for her if we can reactivate him (which is not usually the easiest thing).  So I have come to realize that from all of my wards I probably have the confidence of the members here more than any other ward. Just from how much I have been working with in- actives and members trying to help this ward get picked up. Just a little side thought. Tuesday I had divisions with my district leader this week. It was good had alot of visits which was awesome. 

Also I was kicked in the face playing soccer.  You can't see it too well but hurt a lot.

and a sweet walking shot of me and Elder Garcia on the way back from church.

Elder Garcia and I have been dedicating a lot of our time to teaching Mark, Sabastian and Marion because this Sunday they have their baptismal interviews.  So we need to make sure they know everything and understand everything they need to be able to pass their interviews.  I am most worried about Sabastian because he has a learning disability so we have to repeat ourselves and focus a lot on him so he can understand everything.  But I am confident they will all pass.

I am super pumped because I finally got my scripture covers.  Mom those are the ones you said I need to get when that one elder returned from his mission and you saw.

So basically I decided the thing that God wants me to learn most on the mission is pacience.  I think every task, challenge or hard time I have had on the mission has been pacience based.

On Saturday we had a sweet missionary activity again. For the next couple weeks every Saturday all the missionaries are going to go to a sector in our zone and just do massive work for like 3 hours.  So this week we were in the Isla de Maipu working. I was on divisions with Elder Chase a greenie from Georgia.  It was way fun and I liked it alot. Our last contact that we did said "You guys are my Brothers and I love you, so let me buy you food," and he bought both of us each 2 churrascos italianos and pop.  It was awesome!!!

Camilo and Hugo didn't get baptized here.  At least I know Camilo is searching for the church where the military has based him and I am positive he will get baptized.  Hugo I don't know if he will. Our attendance dropped this last week but I believe it had to do with the rain we had.  It rained hard this last week. Apparently there are alot of black latinos in Panama and Columbia.  I have seen some super black.  More black than Elder Garcia from Colombia.  In the bible I only need to read like 10 or 15 more chapters before I finish Isaiah and move into Jeremiah. This week I am excited because we have a greenie meeting so we get to go to Maipu and have a meeting with Presidente King and with all the other greenies and trainers.  About sending me things I really can't think of anything that I NEED so I don't know.  I am pretty low maintenence :)

Ok familia I love you all and hope you are all doing amazing.

Con Mucho Amor,

Elder Alex Leavitt

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