Saturday, August 27, 2011

Alex's 53rd email from Chile 8/22/11

Elder Garcia, Elder Alex & Elder Hall
Hola Familia!!!

This week was a good one! Except for the crazy amount of rain we had this past week things have been awesome.  Basically we have been preparing everything for the baptisms this week.  But I will start at the begining of the week

This last week I don't know what I ate but Thursday I was basically living in the bathroom.  But now I am all good. This last week it was soo cold it actually snowed in Santiago!!!!  First time since like 2001 or something like that it was a big deal but I was cold.  Also Thursday we had another meeting with President King.  It was all about teaching the Doctrine of Christ and tying it all in with the Most Important Thing (Eternal Life) it was cool. 

So every week on Saturday all the missionaries go to a sector in our zone and work for a couple hours. Now this week it was our turn. And we need maps and names from the branch to give to them and usually.  We didn't get the maps but we basically just did some quick planning between us missionaries and it turned out good in the end. 

Sunday was the big day. Sunday Mark, Sebastian, and Marion and all of their families came to church.  After we had a quick lunch because the baptism was at 3:30 and because we have our meetings in a little house we go to the Isla de Maipu for our baptisms. We get there, change, meet the parents of Carolina and her siblings, we took pictures, had some talks on baptism and the holy ghost, the primary sang I Am A Child of God, and than we had the baptismal service. Marion was baptized first by Elder Merchan.  Then I baptized Mark, and then Elder Garcia baptized Sebastian. Pobrecito Elder Garcia was so nervouse to baptize he forgot the words and had to do it again. But over all it was an awesome baptism I loved it and everyone else did too.  There were actually a ton of people there as well members and non members it was real neat.  Then after we had some refreshments. After the baptism Carolina invited us to come over for an Asado and I am never one to turn down some churripan and ribs so us four went there to finish off our day it was awesome.

 Sebastian, Mark, Marion & Elder Leavitt

(These are Alex's answers to my questions) Elder Merchan is in the middle mom.  He is obviously the one from Spain come on haha.  The other on is Elder Hall. I told Merchan you said you are going to send a package with his jersey he is all excited.  In the bible I am in like Jeremiah 27 or something like that.  I doubt Juan died from old age.  He was only like 60 something but he was a raging alcoholic before he was converted.  Like you would find him in the streets passed out and was actually hospitalized a couple of times for it.  But he was always sick because he just destroyed his body.  Sad eh?

Well guys I love you all estoy feliz to hear that you are all doing good. We find out who has changes this Sunday so lets see what happens.  I already have like 5 months here in this sector but whatever happens happens.  I will do whatever God wants from me. Stay safe I love you.

Con Mucho Amor y CariƱo,

Elder Alex Leavitt

Alex & his dog Shadow. I think he will be sad and really miss him if he gets transferred.

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