Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Alex's 15th email from Chile 11/29/10

Elder Leavitt & Elder Pedraza
(I can't tell you who the family is because it came from Alex's companion who posted it on facebook. He tagged Alex in it and I copied and saved the image.)

Hola familia!

This was a hard week for me. Alex asked me not to share the rest of what he wrote except with family and close friends. I just wanted you to know that he had a hard week and is struggling a bit and could you use some prayers in his behalf. Thank you in advance for your thoughts and prayers.

So I will give you a rundown of me week now that I am done talking about that. So Monday my companion almost died. Well not really, but while we were shopping he stops, has a blank stare, kinda wobbles a little, leans up against the wall, puts his hand to his nose and there is blood. He just said he is fine and nothing has happened since weird.

Mario told me he will be baptized before I have changes if by that week I can have a fluent conversation with him. I said "yes!" and I am studying my butt off so this can happen.

So I dont know if I told you this but everyone here in Chile kisses each other on the cheek when they are saying Hi or goodbye. Well I have gone my whole time here in Chile without some close calls but I have been good. Well somehow this week I got kissed twice! Once by a sweet grandmother so it's not that bad and the other one by the daughter of a member! It caught me so off gaurd that is how it happened. I just wasnt expecting it. Elder Pedraza got peed on by a puppy just all over. It was hilarious. He was holding it when it happened. Our investigators are doing amazing we had 9 show up to church on Sunday.

So apparently there is a married couple serving in the temple here named Leavitt from Utah - weird. Also I am close to done with my journal but have that other one that you accidently bought me is that one fine?

Yes we are having a party on the 24 or 23 can't remember. Just sucks cause I will probably have transfers a couple days before Christmas. We find out tonight if 2 of our investigators with baptismal dates divorces went through. We only have one for sure baptism on the 12th - Carlos, and are inviting 2 more investigators tonight to be baptized. I am stoked.

Well I love you will talk to you later bye!


Elder Leavitt

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