Monday, November 22, 2010

Alex's 14th email from Chile 11/22/2010

The first glimpses of Alex's room in Malloco

Hola Family!

So once again I have had a crazy week and worked a lot and I am so tired. Also today during soccer and I rolled my ankle. It isn't that bad but enough that it is a little annoying to walk, yes it is my bad ankle too but its all good no worries. But ya once again it has been a crazy week.

First I watched a dog eat a chicken! It was pretty intense. Hey did I tell you guys about how a couple weeks ago a pack of 7 dogs killed and ate a 48 yr mother and her 20 yr old daughter? That dogs here are crazy! Tuesday our mission was given a goal that each zone for the month of November will have 1200 contacts, that is mas o menos 10 contacts a day per companionship. Honestly, I don't know how Elder Pedraza and I are gonna be able to do it. We honestly are running from cita to cita and are usually late to them because we have so many. Partly why I am so tired all the time.

Our investigators are progressing so well and this last week we have another investigator with a baptismal date for the 12th of December so that is 3 baptisms for the same day. I am pumped. His name is Carlos. He is 16 and golden all he wants is to be baptized. He has come to church twice now once on his own without us even meeting him. He has two horses. Sarah would be jealous cause I can go over and mess with them whenever I want. I will try to take pictures with them at some point.

Elder Leavitt & Carlo's

Carolina and Geussep are doing amazing. I am pretty sure I have told you about them before but they read everything. They are the ones where we found them gave them pamphlets and they read the whole thing. When we came back well that same cita we gave them Book of Mormons. When we came back they had read the intro and the testimonies. I was shocked. They both want baptism but she knows she can't because she is co living. I am praying for a miracle.

The family Gonzales is doing great. Patricia somehow has been hiding from us the fact that she smokes like once in a while so we took her cigarettes. I kept one, took it apart, and taped it in my journal haha. Same day we were confronted with a drunk. Nothing new, it happens alot but as we talked with him a little we almost got him to give us cigarettes too haha.

Sunday was amazing! we had 7 of our 13 new investigators come to church! We are teaching this family. They are the Garcia's. In their house they have like 12 people living there and we are teaching about half of them and got 5 of them to come to church. The kids loved it. There is Nikita (9) Fernando (8) their mom Carolina (27) her mom Nancy ( no se) her son Aros (11) and Jimmy (14) and Genesis (21). Obviously they all didn't come to church but those are the ones we are teaching. But it was awesome. After sacrament meeting we gave them a tour of the chapel explained how everything works then we went to the last half hour of class. We expected them to leave but after that but they stayed for the whole 3 hours it was awesome and they all enjoyed it. For lunch a family had Elder Pedraza make tacos I was stoked.

To answer your questions; yes we taught the Gonzalez's again. We try to at least stop by everyday to make sure they are doing good. We have not gone out to where Elder You went but Carlos lives a 40 min walk in the other direction so I am sure that counts too haha he is awesome sucks he lives so far away. Tell Ben that I have not had guinea pig. I wish but I don't even think they have that here or at least I have not heard or seen it. Same with lamas! They don't have those here either. Book of Mormon reading is coming but slowly. I have to catch up at some point but have like no time.

This is Alex's response to my asking him to share what he is thankful for our Thanksgiving dinner.
Just share that I love them. Am thankful for all of their examples for me that I am thinking about them, praying for them, and wish them all a Happy Thanksgiving!

So I don't know if I told you but here in Chile when people greet each other they always give a kiss on the cheek. Now us as missionaries, we are not allowed to do the kiss on the cheek and it rarely happens when people try to kiss on the cheek cause usually we don't put ourselves in that situation but twice now I have people come in to kiss me and it is always an awkward situation haha.

Well I got to go so I love you all and wish you all the best. I will talk to you next week.

Elder Alex Leavitt

p.s. hey I know it is sucky since you have sent packages already but my walk man broke :( I don't know if you want me to find one here or if you want to send one let me know if you send one. Don't worry and rush it solo. I can wait. Just send it whenever you have stuff to send.

p.p.s My favorite Christmas memories have to be when we are all older and still sleep in that stupid room together. I know we all put up fights and it is usually Sarah who wants to do it but really they are awesome. How a bunch of older 20 to like 16 year olds still rush to get downstairs first and see their Santa presents. It's stupid ridiculous but that's why i love it. I also just love the overall craziness when everyone is home.

Elder Leavitt & Elder Pedraza
(it's summer, look how blonde Alex's hair is getting in these pictures)

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