Monday, December 6, 2010

Alex's 16th email from Chile 12/6/10

Hola familia,

So I had a crazy but good week. Well for the first time this change me and Elder Pedraza really clicked and I am so grateful. It has been so hard for me. But despite all this we finally clicked and have been rocking and getting along really well. It has been great and really because of it my Spanish has just started to really skyrocket. I am starting to have conversations with people. It is so awesome. One example which was a really neat experience for me was with a kid named Yair. He is the daughter of one of our investigators with a baptismal date and has been struggling with testimony and everything. So I pulled him aside one day and him and me just had a talk. He just opened up like I've never heard before. I have been teaching him and his family since I first got here and it was awesome. Without help or anything I had such a neat conversation with this kid. It was just awesome. We made goals and everything to help with his doubts and building testimony.

The family Gonzales has been having trouble. Their dad has been out of work for a long time and in January they were going to have everything cut; power, water, gas, everything and they didn't even have money for bread. Well the Lord has once again has shown his hand in our work. We have been praying for them for so long now and they are doing everything to become an eternal family that this week he found work that is even better than the job he had before.

Awesome news, we have so many investigators and in fact we have 5 fechas and 13 progressing investigators that we have gotten permission to go to the temple this Thursday with our ward. We have 11 investigators that said they will go and that is why we get to go. I am soo excited! oh speaking of 5 fechas, Carolina this past week committed to baptism. It just has been soo crazy how well everything is going.

I had told president about everything that happened between me and Pedraza and his email this week made me feel way better. Elder Pedraza puts on this strong face and makes lots of jokes but in reality he is crazy sensitive and can take things the wrong way. So I have just been working really hard not to say anything that he can take the wrong way, although I guess this morning I was trying to say something and dropped one of the worst swear words here in Chile haha oops. Luckily it was just to him in the pension. It has just been good this week.

Carolina's kids had a birthday Sunday and they invited us so we went and it was awesome. They also gave us presents, both Elder Pedraza and I, but said we can't open it until we leave Malloco. I love that family. Carolina also asked me to baptize her but I probably won't be here in Malloco :( It was so sweet, she was like "you have the authority to baptize right?" I said "yes" and she was like "oh ok good, so you can baptize me then" it was awesome.

Elder Leavitt with Carolina & her kids at their birthday party

Crazy news fricking biggest Rincon in our pension!!!! Seriously biggest spider I have seen inside a house. I have pictures :)

This is the best of two pictures he sent. Alex was right, this spider is huge!!

To answer your questions, yes Carlos is getting baptized this Sunday by Elder Pedraza. We had 5 investigators at church. Garcias could not make it they were getting the house and everything ready for the birthday party. I will most likely have transfers. Sucky, I just wish transfers were not so close to Christmas.

Sad story, Sunday morning we were going picking up our investigators for church and there was this kid probably 16 and he had blood all over his hands and was bawling. He was totally high on something and just saying "help me! help me!" saying he has kids and no family to help him and all this stuff and all we could do was just try and ignore him and walk away. It was so sad. I didn't know what to do. Well but besides that everything is great. I am loving my mission so no worries! ok I love you all and will talk to you later.


Elder Leavitt

I like these pictures Alex sent because it shows us what his surroundings look like.

Alex writes: that hat photo is a kids of one of our investigators he wrote Leavi on it so he can remember me ha!ha!

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