Monday, November 8, 2010

Alex's 12th email from Chile 11/8/10

Hola family!

So I had an email from President King today that said he was sending me a Latin comp with a ton of excitement for the work. I'm pumped! I don't know where he is from but at least I know my Spanish is about to get crazy better!

It's funny to hear it was hot for you too. It has been sooo hot this last week! On Saturday it was up in the 30's but the weather has been crazy weird too. It was super hot Saturday like I said but then Sunday it just rained all day and now today it is just cold and suppose to get hot later in the day. Random! Apparently this is the first time it has rained in November since like people could remember. They blame it all on the earthquake haha.

Elder You's last week was weird haha just weird to think he was leaving and that I will basically be leading the sector now because I know everyone, where everything is, and I will basically just be the one who knows everything which will be new for me because that was always Elder You's job. Friday the ward had a party for him they called it their family home evening night. This ward is awesome by the way.

So it turns out Chileans don't have the best feelings for Argentinians and Peruvians. I have had families tell me they don't want me to get either but especially towards Peruvians. I have had families we are teaching say that if I get a Peruvian we are no longer allowed in their house. One said that if I get one he can sit outside and I teach them. I kinda chuckled at that one. Also the other day there was the biggest Rincon (Remember that's the spider he talked about before and then I looked it up and told you all how dangerous it was?) ever in our pension! I almost died, but I killed it and am praying that is the only one I see again inside my house.

I am in the same threesome I was in when Elder You went to the temple. I am vacationing. No worries. I walk behind them just hum a song or just think and look around haha. I get my new comp like around 9 or 10 in the morning tomorrow. Elder You flies out at 11 tonight. (Brandon sent Alex a special message about threesome's; hence the reference to vacationing. I'll include it so you know what he is talking about.)

Here's what Brandon wrote:

I never liked three-somes because someone inevitably feels like a third wheel. Too many missionaries in a room will tend to try and out-do each other or ignore each other, neither of which is very effective. There is a reason missionaries walk two by two. My advice if your feeling like the third wheel is to treat the experience like a vacation. You are not being expected to contribute and you're not making any decisions. Enjoy the weather, walking around new places, and talking to la gente just for the sake of doing it. Contribute when included, vacation when you are not. (this of course according to the dictates of the Spirit).

Another word of advice about transfers. Not all companions are created equal. Sometimes you will get a Nephi and sometimes you will get a Laman. Nephi's are the easy ones; the gifts. Laman's take more patience and love. You may even get a Gadianton but these are rare (and can pretty much only be endured). Just remember my advice at the beginning of your mission about love: if you can truly demonstrate sincere love for all your companions they will eventually respond to you; Nephite or otherwise. Also remember that, regardless of what type of missionary your companion is, that your mission is not only to the people of Chile, but to him. It may be that the greatest good you do in a transfer is to help your companion and, if that proves to be the case, embrace the opportunity.

We had daylight savings like a month ago I think I don't remember. I just know we have already put our clocks ahead an hour like a month ago.

Well I love you guys. Can't wait to hear from you next week wish me luck with the new comp!

Con mucho Amor,
Elder Alex Leavitt

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