Monday, November 1, 2010

Alex's 11th email from Chile 11/1/10

Hola Familia,

So I had a crazy week! So to start off I have some sad news. We went to go visit Eugenio this last week and he told us he is no longer interested in meeting with us. We asked him why and he just said he is happy with the catholic church which we know is bogus because he told us he didn't like the catholic church. After a lot of questions and prying we found out a lot of his friends have been feeding him anti-Mormon literature and have been talking bad about the Mormons. So I was pretty upset about it but we are still going to visit him every now and then. It is just so sad cause he was so ready for the gospel in his life.

I had my first zone conference this last week and it was pretty sweet. We learned about the difference of having faith and acting on faith. Hermana King talked on gratitude which made me happy because I had just given her her chocolate and thank you note for my pants.

On Thursday there was a tornado in Conception which I guess just doesn't happen here. It was sooo crazy windy it was ridiculous and then also it started pouring on us! We got soaked but it was kinda fun at the same time.

Friday Elder You got to go to the temple with President and Hermana King. So I was put in a threesome. I was excited about it until I got there and all they did was ignore me or when they did say something to me they were just giving me crap. It sucked and I did not have fun.

Saturday was pretty fun though. Elder You got to visit all of his old sectors and I got to go with him so I got to see a lot of the mission I have not seen yet. It was awesome because a lot of people complimented on how well my Spanish was and the people were awesome. So I guess during the earthquake the catholic chapels took the most damage. We walked by one and all the angels on the side of this chapel fell off except for the wings. It looked pretty strange just seeing these holes in the side of the building and wings just chillen there. In Chile it turns out there is a decent German population and actually some German colonies. I say this because Saturday was Oktoberfest haha and I didn't know we had a German colony in Malloco because I have not seen any white people but there was a huge Oktoberfest that went down. Then today I saw these two white guys with Oktoberfest hats on in the grocery store while shopping. They walked up to me and started talking to me in German. I guess they saw a white guy and thought I was German haha. It was funny. Halloween is here in Chile but not big. There were some tricker treaters but not a lot. Also I guess it just gives people an excuse to stay up all night and party.

Today our zone and the Talagante zone rented a big field and played soccer it was awesome and I dominated. I had four goals. Also thanks for the second package I got that this last week
Transfers are next Tuesday and we go to the mission office and have a little meeting then go back to our sectors. Not excited about next Monday because I will probably be with the same two elders that were jerks to me. Elder you goes home next Monday. We didn't have a curfew for Halloween because it really is not all that big here. I am a little behind in the Book of Mormon because of all the traveling I did this week so I need to catch up. Malloco is a ward and we have on average about 80 people show up. Recently it has been a little lower but on average about 80.

I love you guys and i will talk to you later :)

Elder Alex Leavitt

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