Monday, February 13, 2012

Alex's 78th email from Chile 2/13/12

A feast after the zone football game. 
Alex's head & sunburned neck are 
second in from the right. 

Hola Familia!!

So I got some news! I am getting a new companion tomorrow! That's right they are seperating Elder Tognetti and me up into the two sectors again so I am excited to see who I am getting. That also means that I am going to be here for 6 months. I am excited to just get someone who hopefully is ready to work. Now that we are going with just the one sector we need to work hard and find a teaching pool. Before we had investigators from both sides. So we are going to have to work hard.

This week was not the greatest week numbers wise. We are starting to get hit by the summer monster. We had only 49 people at church! Not alot of our investigators were home it was not all that great haha. But it is insane, this change has gone by soo fast!! We still were able to teach a good amount of lessons. More than anything we have been able to work with the leaders in the ward. Our bishop just loves us.

My head is fine it was really for that day. I haven't gotten your package yet and there is no pouch this week. With the whole summer thing we have not been able to meet with Domingo, and when he fell off the radar we found out he was secretly living with his girlfriend for the weekend we lost conatct with him, lame. The missionary of Preach my gospel starts with soldier, you have to memorize scriptures from the first two lessons like alot, which for me was the easiest part. I just have always been able to memorize. We have to do activities from each chapter, write 2 talks on different attributes of Christ, send them to President, read the BOM in Spanish up to like Mosiah and then pass it off to your leader. Then for Teacher the next one up you do it same thing for lessons 3 and 4 of preach my gospel  read up to like Alma something and 2 more talks. Then for missionary memorize the last scriptures, finish the Book of Mormon, write two more talks, and do the last activities in preach my gospel. It's hard to explain. It's a lot of work.

Well family I am sure next weeks letter will be jam packed full of cool stories and information about my new companion. Little side note, crazyness, Elder Tognetti and I at the end of this next change will have lived together for 6 months! We got here at the same time! I love you guys so much and I will talk to you later.

Elder Alex Leavitt

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