Monday, December 12, 2011

Alex's 69th email from Chile 12/12/2011

I think this may be one of the streets that Alex refers to in his email.

Hola Familia!!

This week was a good one. Starting with the biggest news of all on Tuesday Rocio was Baptized!!! I am So happy and excited for her. It was such a good day, her whole family came and it was awesome after everything she went to go share her testimony and she just said she didn't have words to describe her feelings and started crying and then went down and hugged her mom such an amazing experience. Afterwards we had a little food and get together after at her house. This week I did divisions with Elder Merchan and with him in my sector we set 2 more baptismal dates!! So now we have 4 investigators with baptismal dates!! I am so happy that after we have worked so hard everything is finally starting to pay out for us. We had some good numbers again this week and I am soo tired.
Elder Carcamo, Rocio & Elder Leavitt
Rocio & her family with Elder Carcamo & Elder Leavitt

My neck is killing me! The last three days my neck has just been killing and today I can barley turn my head it hurts so bad.  We will see if it improves. If not I will have to go to medico cause I can't work like this.

We have this one investigator I am particularly excited about. The first time we met with her she said make sure this lesson is good because it's the one we will have together. Well needless to say we have had more than one with her :) She has specifically told me she feels like I was sent to her personally from God to share this message with her. She is a hardcore devoted evangelica. Like she does everything for her church and was so set on it she only was going to give us one chance to teach her. Well she has started reading the Book of Mormon and says it seems so familiar to her as if she has been doing it for her whole life. She has progressed sooo much! And I am getting so excited. If she gets baptized she will make a huge difference her in chile. So we will see!
Alex painting for the service project.

On Saturday there was a huge service project for the stake to paint a few streets where there was still earthquake damage. It was way fun I had a great time.

Elder Leavitt & Elder Mlazgar

Yes Mom my missionary stocking is hanging up in our apartment and it is stuffed with candy from a package Kira sent me :) No they have the same Christmas songs here and in English too haha. The only difference here is that christmas Eve is bigger because they have a party all Christmas even and way late into the morning where they party, open all the presents at like midnight, and then sleep all christmas day! haha I don't remember what the typical Christmas dinner is I actually want to say it is turkey. Thanksgiving nothing special happened only that I called my district in the morning to wish them all a happy thanksgiving. Mom I did not get a buzz cut haha it may only be the picture just look at the pictures I am sending you now it normal. Oh hey tell Alycia I am getting her letters weekly now haha and say thanks and I am writing her back. I just have been so tired and swamped I am behind in writing :(

Guys I know this letter is super short but please forgive me. I really do not feel good right now.  My neck is killing me and its hard to focus. I will make up for it in pictures I am planning on sending alot. Just know I love you all. I am working hard and I will talk to you all in like 13 days or so on skype :)

Con Mucho Amor,

 Elder Leavitt

Alex sent us this fun video of him and Elder Carcamo playing with a traditional Chilean toy. Here's a description of it:

El Trompo (Top)

TrompoThe traditional Chilean top is made of wood and has a metal prong sticking out of the end. String or twine is coiled around the top. Kids will play with their tops in the streets. Some games include trying to keep the top spinning in a defined circle. Others launch their tops and try to knock competitor's tops out of the circle.


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