Monday, December 5, 2011

Alex's 68th email 12/5/11

So Alex sent some pictures a few weeks ago after I had already done his post. He didn't include any this week so I'm including some you haven't seen as well as a video that Elder Mlazgar sent his Mom. There is a fun video at the end that Elder Mlazgar's Mom shared with me.

Elder Mlazgar & Alex at a zone P-day picnic.

Hola Familia!!!

I love this work especially when we are working good we had monster numbers this week. We had a grand total of 28 lessons! and we found 17 new investigators and had 198 contacts. All of them above the standard of excellence we have as missionaries and finally our work has payed off and we set 2 new baptismal dates with a couple that live in La Legua!! It was an awesome week but I am soo tired.

We had a hiccup with Rocios baptism. She was not baptized this weekened. Her dad is a cop and he said she could not get baptized if he was not there and he could not be there Saturday so it was postponed for this tomorrow so say a prayer please that all goes well.

Elder Carcamo, Luis & Alex

Part of our monster week goes to the young men of this ward. We have two young men who always leave with us. They are so tight and they will be amazing missionaries one day. We do divisions with them 1 or 2 times a week. I think I will try to make my kids leave with the missionaries one day. I know I did it a little but I should have done it more. This week we had a mission wide fast on Thursday. We fasted because our mission is at the point to take off and Friday we had zone council meetings to see how we can do better as zones and help the mission reach its potential (remembering we are the lowest baptizing mission in South America). It was a good meeting. Saturday Elder Carcamo and I left in the morning to do some contacts. I don't know if I have ever told you about Elder --- before. He is famous in the mission and even more in La Legua. It's thanks to him La Legua is so dead to the missionary work and why they normally hate us. Long story short lets just say Elder --- has 2 kids in La Legua. Well I met the first family that knows him!  They were like "Wow! we have not seen missionaries this deep into La Legua since Elder --- 10 years ago!!" So crazy. Well we have an appointment with that family tomorrow lets see how it goes.  Well it was that same morning we set our fechas bautismales with Macarena and Antonio. It was actually my first appointment with them. Well we taught them the most important thing which is eternal life, the holy ghost and baptism and then right there first lesson invitated them to be baptized January 14th! So lets pray that they progress and reach their date! I am so excited! President commented about how impressed and shocked he was with our numbers. We have been putting out the best numbers this sector has ever had. We have been working soooo hard!!!!!!!

Alex at the zone activity for their p-day. 

Also I got your advent calanders. My district says thanks and Elder Mlazgar says you can be his second mom jajaja. And yes I did also get your halloween one, maybe your thanksgiving one as well.

My ward has normally between 70 and 80 people in assistence but have 600 members so not very active. We are always finding inactives in the streets and what not. My district is good I just have those two missionaries who are not working which is hard because there isn't much I can do. They should work because they want to because if it isn't voluntary you are not gonna have the spirit with you. Like it says in Corinthians "God loves the happy giver¨." YES I FINISHED THE BIBLE IN SPANISH!!!!!!!! I am soo happy and the coolest part I understood basically everything. Revelations everything it was so easy to understand. I am so stoked and I have a seen so many blessings and it has been such a great tool for me as a missionary to have done it.

Ok well that's all I got for you guys this week. Oh Hey christmas is coming up I was thinking we can do our call Christmas day at like 8 my time here in Chile is that ok? ok we'll talk to you next week!

Con Mucho Amor

Elder Alex Leavitt

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