Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Alex's 59th email from Chile 10/3/11

Alex at the mine. Look at the clothes in the background. Does someone live at this abandoned mine?

*Just a note; Alex sent another little email saying their mission address changed again. That's the third time since he's been out. I updated it here on the blog so if you are mailing anything please take note.

Hola Familia,

This week was amazing!!!!!! This week was just fantastic. I don't even know where to begin. On Tuesday we had an awesome lesson with Rapheal. He is just progressing so much. Hhe is reading the Book of Mormon asking good questions and praying. He is just a champ and I am soo happy for that family. Our days are just soo full now. Everyone wants us to come over to their place. Especially now because everyone knows that changes are close and that I have a 99% chance to have changes. We litterally just have everyone calling us to see if we can come by.
Alex inside the mine.

This last week though, one of the highlights was that we now have 2 investigators with a baptismal date!!! How awesome is that? There are a mom and son whose dad is a a less active member we have been working with!! Their dates are for the 16th of October so I am really happy and excited for them.

On Thursday we had a meeting with President King where we learned about how we need to better focus on the spirit of the story of Joseph Smith and how we need to better relate his story to the feeling and situacion of the people here in Chile. It was a rather neat class and I enjoyed it alot.
Some pretty flowers growing randomly at the mine site.

Have I mentioned just how tired I am. I am physically drained everynight. I use to to be able to come home and chat with the other Elders but now all I want to do is go to bed as early as possible. I am just soo tired.

We also got permission to go to the fondas or the fair! It was cool but I am telling you there are rides there that are deffinantly not legal in the States. I felt like I was going to die on some of them.  Hopefully I can send you some pictures next week.
In front of the opening to the mine.

But conference was amazing. We saw all of the sessions including the preisthood session. We all went to the stake center in Talagante. All the gringos watched it in English in our gringo room :) Conference was amazing. One I liked how they talked a ton about missionaries and missionary work :) and two it was just all around amazing and all the talks were great There really is no point in me writing what I liked about conference because I don't have time but I will leave it at that I loved it.

Elder Merchan loved the basketball jersey. As far as I know with Carolina everything is working out with her work. She just moved out of her old place and I think is working on moving over to her new one and rafeal is doing awesome. Yes, we can go to the temple with the families that are getting sealed but I will never have the chance. I have never baptized an entire family :( With Miguel we are talking about them getting sealed and they are working on it they are doing awesome also. I sang with Elder Chase and Hermana Chelson and we sang in Spanish.
The thing that hit me most at conference is how we need to always be worthy. In everything we do being an example to the unbelievers. Elder Holland talked in the priesthood sessions about how the missionaries need to be worthy because we cannot be hypocrites teaching people to repent and follow the commandments when we are not. I don't know I just found it one of the main themes in this conference and it hit me pretty hard how we need to always be watching ourselves and make sure we are giving our best effort always.

Well family I love you all and I will talk to you all next week.


 Elder Alex Leavitt

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