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Alex's 62 email from Chile 10/24/11

Elder Mlazgar & Elder Leavitt

Alex forgot his camera this week but Kim Mlazgar sent some pictures and I have a video from a different mission blog I will include.

Hola Familia!!!

I had a CRAZY WEEK!!! To start it out you know how I have seen my fair share of public urinating?  Well I think I just topped it all off. I now have seen everything. The other day this girl was peeing by a tree. I say girl but it was like a 15 or 16 year old girl peeing!

So on Tuesday Elder Mlazgar and I went on divisions and it was awesome. I am pretty upset cause I forgot my c├ímara and I was going to send pictures to you guys. But it was way fun we did alot of contacts talked alot and had some good appointments. The kid is a stud.  While we were on divisions a guy almost robbed me!! This dude just comes up behind me, puts his arms around me and starts feeling my leg. He askes me if  I had a phone I told him "no", then a grabs me wrist and looks at my watch and asked me what type of watch was it. I told him I bought it here in Chile for a mil which is almost nothing and then he just leaves. Elder Mlazgar lucked out cause he had his phone and a nice watch on and he didn't even touch him.
Camilo, Elder Leavitt & Sebastian 
(this was posted on his facebook by a member in Chile. I'm assuming from their t-shirts this was taken at the 50th Anniversary Celebration)

OH! we saw all the carabineros (police) just lined up with protests shields and everything ready to fight the students it was awesome!!! So I told you all that I have La Legua which is the most dangerous part of Santiago right?  Well Elder Carcamo and I have started to go in and contact it up. I just felt like we should so thats what's up. We found a couple inactive members who have been inactive for like 15 yrs and we found a couple of new investigators in there. It's so insane it's like walking into a different world. There is a huge wall that just seperates it from the rest of the city so you have to walk in just super obvious haha
I can't remember where I got this picture from. But this is at the 50th Anniversary Celebration with some of the youth he knows. I'm sure this is after when they all stormed the field. He is holding one of the props from one of the dances.

 This week was just amazing.  We tore it up we had overall the best numbers for this week in our district.  We found 8 news in total we had 26 lessons in total and the standard of excellence for the mission is 20 in total. And best of all we set a baptismal date!!!!  His name is Luis and he is super legit.  We were with him yesterday and visiting with his family.  His mom was like "he is only baptizing himself in your church because he likes you guys and the members." Luis turns to his mom and says, "No mom, I am  baptizing myself for their doctrine, it's the closest doctrine to what Christ taught that's why I am getting baptized." It was way awesome!!! Basically in Spanish we are "sacando la mugre!" it's a little vulgar but it explains it all :) Elder Carcamo is just awesome. I love this guy we get along soo well. On Friday I had my first leadership meeting.  We met up in Maipu and had a meeting with all the zone leaders district leaders and president. Remember Elder Braddy? He is from the MTC. We are district leaders together in Republica!!! How sick is that!! So we went together.

Me and Elder Carcamo have been contacting the heck out of this sector and one time we were knocking doors and this lady had a dog and it got out during the contact and just leaps at me, I kicked that thing so hard in the face! The lady then takes her dog and went inside haha she was not happy with me haha. But hey, I was not about to get bit by her dumb dog haha. On Sunday I went on divisions with the our zone leader and it was legit.  We tore it up in my sector at the end we did the whole how did it go thing and his first comment was how impressed he was with my work ethic and how quick I win the confidence of the members and investigators :)

I live in an appartment of 4. My comp and I,  Elder Enamorado and Elder Tognetti.The zone was La Cisterna in the ward or sector of Lo Ovalle. I am now in the zone of Republica but in the ward or sector of Carlos Valdivinos. It is actually the last sector of our mission! I am the farthest away from the coast in my mission. Ya we are still working with some of the news we found last week. I am thinking we can set another baptismal date with this girl we are teaching named Rocio so say a prayer for her this week. This week was good. We had 80 people at church this ward has 500 inactives!!!! insane!!! I am in Republica Zone and we do a lot of zone activities. Today we went bowling!!!  It was sick I bowled a 148. I was very proud of myself. They don't have different accents or dialects the only thing that changes is that in different parts they use diffferent saying and different words thats about it, or at least what I have seen.

Well guys I am working like crazy and with Elder Carcamo we work super well together and get work done. I am way tired though UGH! I just pass out at nights. well I love you all a ton talk to you later!!!

Con Mucho Amor

Elder Alex Leavitt

Here's the video link hope it works. If you look at the bottom row/first row of missionaries and count about 6 in from the end towards the middle and then go up about 6 rows you will see a missionary in a bright orange tie. That is Alex. You can see him from .02 - .15 on the video. At about .14 a missionary walks into the row in front of me and stands in front of him the rest of the time. At least we can see him that little bit. I swear I can hear him singing!!!! :) (This was obviously a practice and not the real event)

50 Year Celebration Singing Missionaries from Mary Ann Essig on Vimeo.

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