Monday, September 26, 2011

Alex's 58th email from Chile 9/26/11

Be on the look out for a lot of pictures at the end of the email.  I'm not even putting them all in. I'll save some for days when he doesn't send any.
A sign at the mine where the Elders went for p-day 

Hola Familia!!

So although dieciocho is gone here in La Islita it is still in full drive. Every night this week our branch has been practising their cueca for the huge district activity that was on the 24th. So Elder Garcia and I a couple times dropped by and made our presence known and to see how it was.

The mine on Monday was awesome.  I was so happy we went. It is hard sometimes to go out and see historical places in Chile as missionaries and we would have never known this mine was there if we didn't have members who loved us and invited us to go. Chile is the number one exporter of copper and although this was a copper mine back when it was in full bloom Chile is just known for its mines and I think I heard it has one of the worlds largest mines.  So all in all it was a neat experience to go and see it.  We played in the ruins of the mine and actually went crawling through some of the tunnels they had there it was way neat. I am really glad the family Gomez invited us.

Alex with the Gomez family

This last week we had a sweet zone conference.  We had classes on becoming better teachers and what not but guess what? I sang a special musical number in a trio! That was the first time I have every done anything like that and I won't lie I was scared out of my mind but it went awesome and we had lots of compliments. But now I can say I have done some type of musical performance & where you could actually hear me. More than just in a choir type situation. At the conference we received a new mission rule. When we finish the mission we can no longer go visit our converts before we leave. :(   Mom I also got your package this last week!  Thanks for the chanter grandpa it is frickin difficult.

Talagante Zone Conference

This last week we got a call from Carolina the mom of our three recent converts and she was bawling asking us to come over.  Turns out she is losing her flower store and was asking us what to do.  So first thing that came to my mind was fasting.  We taught an awesome lesson about the power of prayer and fast shared our testimonies and it looks like things are going to be turning out good.  She may actually have a better offer and things awesome huh?

Friday we had our last greenie meeting in Maipu it was cool.  We had a sweet powerpoint presentation about the family of President King.  It was over all an awesome meeting. Also friday night we went to the baptism of Stephanie she basically thinks I am awesomeand invited me to go so I spoke at her baptism and then Sunday I got to take part in her confirmation :) .Saturday we had the huge District activity. We went to a camping ground and the whole stake was there. I won the sack race this year instead of second place like last year and our branch won basically all of the competicions!  I lost my voice from yelling so much but it was way cool. Crazy story, so you know how they say serving a mission is saving souls.  Well at this activity I saved a life! This lady started choking and everyone was just staring at her so I run over bust out the hiemlich maneuver and she coughed out a fatty chunk of bread and just starts bawling cause she was scared.  She did thank me afterwards.  So after 15 months in the mission I gave a lady my first hug but it was worth it. Afterwards the lights went out all over chile for about two hours so we ended our day early about 8 because we have rules where if something like that happens we go to the house.  So basically we just went to the house and by the time the lights came back it was after 10 so it was a short work day.

Elder Leavitt & Stephanie

Sunday was awesome because like I said I got to be in the circle for Stephanie's confirmation and then Miguel the dad of the family who took us to the mine asked me to be in the circle when he recieved the priesthood. We have worked with this family sooo long to get them reactivated and I love them so much.  They always want us to come over and we got them talking about be sealed :)

In the Bible I am now in Mathew 5.  Oh that's right I finished the OLD TESTIMENT!!!! I am so pumped and so happy. I have learned so much and i have found it soo useful for me here in the mission. Most members in the church have not read the bible, only the Book of Mormon and that is awesome but we forget that the Bible also is scripture and when we talk with our friends normally it is only the Bible they know.  I have been able to connect and use the bible so much more and more sufficently.  I have found the blessings of reading it really helping me become a better teacher.

Rafeal is doing awesome. He is praying and reading all on his own. He asked US how he can start paying tithing.  He was like "hey it's in the scriptures I should probably start doing it".  He is awesome.  That family is soo much happier now. I haven't seen them any closer :) Elder Garcia is doing great he really doesn't want me to get changed haha and he says "Hi" back.

Well family I love you all so much enjoy the many pictures I am sending and I will talk to you next week.

Con Mucho Amor,

Elder Alex Leavitt

Mote con huessilo.  The drink I didn't like and now I do :)

This is to show you how all the houses have Chilean flags and I mean every single one!
Me flying a kite.
These are the ruins of the mine and me on top.
Elder Leavitt & Elder Garcia

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