Monday, October 10, 2011

Alex's 60th email from Chile 10/10/11

This sunset is so beautiful!!

Hola Familia!!!

This week was just fantastic. On Tuesday we had interviews with President King which were awesome. In my interview he talked a ton about how I have progressed as a missionary and what not, basically told me right then and there that I have changes, and then once again talked about my natural skill and ability to work with the youth of the church. He told me I need to keep focusing on that skill and build it up and it will be a blessing for me and for the church in the fufture crazy eh?

This was the week of noche de hogar. Basically every family in my ward wanted to have a noche de hogar with us. Honestly I think we had like one everyday of the week. Although I honestly can say this was the hardest sector for me it has been the hardest one to say goodbye to.  And if you have not caught on yet Yes, I have changes. More than anything I will just miss the families here they are all so amazing. I have gotten super close to like 4 or 5 families in the ward that basically are calling me like everyday of the week cause they want us to come over and visit them. One of them is the family Gomez who took us to the mine and we reactivated them. The dad Miguel yesterday as I said goodbye to them took me aside and told me I was the best missionary that has every knocked on his door. I know it's not true but it meant a ton to me. I love that guy, we have worked super hard together. It's just I have not gotten so close to a branch or ward as I have this one. But like another family said it just means that in another place more families are waiting for me and its true God needs me in another place. I am going to finish my goodbyes tonight.

On Saturday we had the divosional for the 50 years of the Chilean missions it was pretty sick. Crazy that you guys got to see it. It is this Saturday where we are having the party. And All the missionaries get to go!!! How sick is that?! In fact our mission is going to sing "I'll Go Where You Ask Me To Go." But it should be awesome and if you can watch it look for me. I am going to wear my shiny orange or salmon tie that I wore for my farewell talk.

Basically this has been a week of thinking and pondering on the time I have had here in La Islita. And I am happy with the work I have done. And that is the best thing I can do no regrets rights? I have accepted the fact that I am a reactivating missionary not a baptizing which is just as important. But as of right now I am just praying for a legit compaƱion.

Isn't this sunset AMAZING?!!! You can see the vineyards.

I don't know where I am being transferred yet. I will find out tomorrow. As of right now, all I know is that I am being transferred. President could call and change that but lets hope not haha. I will be able to say goodbye to everyone I want to.  They changed the transfer system up. Now we find out Saturday and have Sunday and Monday to do goodbyes.  Before they called Sunday at night and we only had Mondays. Jose and his mom didn't come to church Sunday for their interviews sucky. So the minimun their baptisms will be put on hold for another week. Umm Christmas wise I have no idea what I would want. Just be sure to put in a good amount of candy :)

Ok family I love you all and will talk to you next week.

the pictures are of me and Elder Chase chillin on divisions, and then me in my sector in La Islita with a sick sunset.

Con Mucho Amor,

Elder Alex Leavitt

Alex & Elder Chase. 
This must be at Elder Chase's place because Alex's room has 
pink cinder block walls an no carpet on the floor.

I had an email from Sis. King this week.  I will include a paragraph from that email and three sweet pictures she shared with me :)

"We just had interviews with Elder Leavitt this last week you should hear him speak Spanish he was even interpreting for me. He is so much fun and always so happy he gets along with everyone, we all love Elder Leavitt. He showed me his nephews so cute so proud."

President & Hermana King
Alex with his nephews
So for family home evening Kira & Justin traced Landon & Evan's bodies so that Alex could see how much they've grown.  The boys colored them :) Kira wasn't too thrilled that Evan insisted on having a gun in his hand and Justin was more than happy to oblige.

Sis. King labeled this "Group Hug"


  1. I know I miss him too!! I had another dream about him last night.

  2. Hi My name is Kendra Holton and I have been following your blog for a while! I also have a son in the Chile Santiago West Mission. His name is Elder Nick Holton. I also have a blog I do for him. His blog is: . If you want to check his out. My son writes very short letters so I like to read what your son writes so I can get more of the details of things happening in their mission. I don't think they have ever served in the same zone but I did see a picture of my son on your blog a few months ago.