Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Alex's 57th email from Chile 9/19/11

Alex climbing at Santa Lucia

Hola Familia!!!

So this week was way fun. Although in most areas the missionary work was dead. As you all know, well maybe not, but yesterday was Dieciocho September 18th Chile's Independance Day, and here in Chile they celebrate it for like a week straight. This is the time of year of Asados, drunken encounters, people having kite battles and the sound of cueca all around you.  The cueca is the national dance of Chile.  Well needless to say not many people wanted to talk to us this week and probably this next week either.  But ya overall it was still fun this week.

On Tuesday I had divisions with Elder Chase a greenie from Georgia who is awesome. I love that guy. I would love to be comps with him in the future. We had an awesome day. I was in their sector and we tore it up.  The best part was that we got into a ladies house taught the first lesson and the spirit was so strong we set a baptismal date on the very first appointment and she wants to be baptized how cool is that? We decided that Elder Chase and I are the same person but from different coasts. On Wednesday we went back to our companions and I was back in La Islita. 

Alex at Santa Lucia

This past week our ward has been practising the cueca everyday for our huge activity on the 24th. I am excited for that. I have learned the cueca basically so thats cool but I am terrible at it so don't ever ask me to do it for you guys. Thursday we had division within our branch. OH! about the divisions i went on with Elder Chase. Elder Garcia and Elder Grow thought it would be funny to go by the members houses and tell them I  had changes and didn't have time to come by. Well about 5 different families cried when they heard I had changes. Carolina the mom of Mark and Sebastian had to CALL me and hear my voice to believe them and feel better that I wasn't gone.  At least I know I am loved here. 

On Friday was when all the huge festivities started. Right outside of our house our little neiborhood had a huge block party. Us four missionaries made our presence but couldn't stay long due to bedtime rules and what not.  But it was way fun. That party didn't end until 5 in the morning, I know because the music was blasting!!!  Saturday we had a sweet Asado with a family in our ward. Hey Mom question, I have another Utah T-shirt that is black and has the U and everything right? I love that shirt and I have one here in the mission but I am going to give it away here in this sector. I just want to know I have another one waiting for me in the house. I am giving it to this girl who in return is giving me all of her piercings and a tie and the promise to never buy peircings again.  Her parents are so happy with me to get her to do this. She has taken all her peircing out and I think now finally the holes all closed. Sunday was the 18th, after church we had an asado for lunch, after we were invited to eat Empanadas, with another family we ate completos, and ended our day with an asado with Carolina and them. I am still full. Today we were celebrating another day off here in Chile with the family Gomez and are going to a mine. I am pumped haha. (I thought you'd enjoy the comment Fred made when he read about the mine, "I hope they don't have a cave and trap him down there for three months.")

A statue in Santiago? 

In the Bible I am close to ending Habakuk. I am so close to finishing the bible its crazy. Mote con Huesillo is the drink I didn't like. I am actually starting to like it now weird. I guess it all depends on how old the peach is. I actually have fotos of the drink but I forgot my cable and can't attach fotos so next week. Jose has disappeared. I am really sad about that. Rafeal is doing great!! I am so excited about him. Transfers are the 11th of Octubre.  To email I think if I remember correctly we have like an hour and 10 or 15 minutes.  My shoes are in excellent condition I have taken very good care of my shoes. Something I find very cool is during the month of September litterally every house in Chile has the Chilean flag waving it is really neat and real cool.

So I was sitting on the bus and I realized that I have been here in Chile to see the plants green, give fruit, turn color,die, and now everything is blooming again. How crazy is that. I was like "wow I have been here awhile," then thought about it and at the end of this change I would have spent a fourth of my mission in La Islita!  Crazy! Well hopefully this next week we can teach a little more. It is insane to me how a country just shuts down like this haha. I love you and will talk to you next week.


Elder Alex Leavitt

Got your email mom just in time :)

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